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VISAKHAPATNAM (Vizag) GAS TRAGEDY – Where are we heading?

Styrene gas from the LG Polymer plant has leaked and spread over a radius of about three kilometres (covering around 5 villages) near Visakhapatnam severely affecting more than 5000 people. Even domestic animals have become victims. 

It’s disturbing to see ultimately  how poor and rural people have to pay the price. This post is just to share our grief and angst with our IAS aspirant community.

How can this happen? Why does these things take place early in the morning? Why should poor people pay the price? 

Visuals on TV are so disturbing that it makes us wonder why innocents – poor or rich, and animals,  have to go through such a pain? Who’s making it is? Why should marginalised people who never get their dues and benefits, suffer doubly and become victims of disasters like this? 

These disasters should make us think about the kind of development we want. This should make us pause and think about the kind of priorities governments should make when it comes to giving better life to people. It’s also a question about failure of governance.

Just a food for thought. Our prayers are with the people of Vizag. If we could be of any help, we are willing to extend any small help we can. May everyone who is suffering  from this gas leak recover quickly.