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One Month of I-CAN : Insta Current Affairs and News Analysis Initiative is Considered as Game changer by Serious UPSC IAS Aspirants. Read why.

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If you are on YouTube and have subscribed to InsightsIAS channel, you might have probably watched one of the videos under our new initiative I-CAN (Insta Current Affairs and News Analysis). This video series – conceptualised, prepared and taught by Kruthika ma’am, who has given UPSC interviews 4 times and have topped twice with the latest RANK being 100 in CSE-2018 – has helped thousands of students in many ways. One of the most important benefits being helping aspirants master the art of writing answers to any General Studies paper question of UPSC civil services Mains exam.  Her rich experience over the course of six attempts is helping both freshers and advanced aspirants hone their skills to ace this exam. 

These are not our claims. Since day one we have received hundreds of comments thanking Kruthika ma’am and InsightsIAS for the way it has changed their preparation – making it more meaningful and thereby instilling confidence about clearing exams. 

We as a team believe that our initiatives must in the end build confidence in the minds of our followers with respect to clearing the most challenging and prestigious exam in India. It is easy for ourselves to boast about our initiatives, but we have realised  over the last few years that the ultimate verdict must come from serious aspirants who are working hard day and night, and know about what’s good and bad; genuine and fake; original and copycat. 

Before we present screenshots of comments made by serious aspirants on I-CAN videos, let’s briefly summarise how this initiative has become indispensable for those who seek to clear this exam with good rank.

Firstly, this initiative is not intended to give you ready-made content. Its purpose was to teach you ways to utilise content from current affairs effectively in essays, ethics and other GS papers so as to enrich your answer. While giving you facts and examples that are very important for this exam, I-CAN teaches you to think of many ways to come up with the best possible answer to a given question. This is one of the constant feedbacks we have got. It’s easy to give you fish, or fried fish and wash our hands. But I-CAN intends to teach you to catch fishes so that you can survive, and be truly independent.  (read further after screenshots)

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The next benefit has been knowing how to analyse a current event from multiple dimensions, that too in-depth, and apply that in the examination. Many similar initiatives give loads of content and many students, especially freshers, get carried away by this mode of transfer of knowledge. However, to succeed in this exam, you should know how to use facts from different perspectives and apply them intelligently in different papers of the Mains exam. 

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The third benefit has been the simplification of concepts based on topper’s own experience of using simple language and simple way of presentation to score good marks across papers. Kruthika maam has also emphasised how to connect dots i.e. inter-connecting topics across GS papers, and connecting day to day examples to UPSC syllabus. Watching I-CAN videos you will learn how to think like a true topper. You should know that to top in this exam you should think innovatively and keep things simple. This exam is not about showing off of your knowledge. It’s about application of lots of common sense and staying relevant to the point throughout all the phases of this exam.

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insights the hindu newspaper analysisThe biggest gain has been for those who always wanted to write answers but could not write owing to mane valid and invalid reasons. Insights I-CAN initiative has motivated and pushed hundreds of aspirants to write their first answer and get it compared next day with Kruthika maam’s analysis.

Every day serious aspirants are not only writing answers to the question posted in the video (yes, we daily post a Mains question relevant to that day’s current affairs and discuss it next day), they are also answering Secure questions regularly. This is because of the confidence they have gained due to I-CAN initiative.

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insights I CAN initiative

As an aspirant, you should realise the value of time and spending around 30-40 minutes on I-CAN video will change the way you prepare for UPSC civil services.  We may sound like we are boasting, but the kind of feedback we have received has emboldened us to tell you without mincing any words the worth of this initiative in such a straightforward way. Ultimately it’s for your benefit. These videos are made available for free of cost that too without running any kind of advertisements or marketing gimmicks. 

For us the greatest satisfaction has been the fact that many aspirants living in most remote regions of the country, and many who are poor and can not access quality guidance or content – are now able to study with confidence for this exam. 

There are many students who want to watch these videos after Prelims. It’s not a good idea. As Prelims is postponed now, even if it was not postponed, watching these videos will ensure integrated preparation for Prelims and mains, and ensure continuity in both content and confidence to do well in Mains-2020. 

There are hundreds of comments which have encouraged us to continue this initiative with more josh and commitment. 

Following are many more screenshots of beautiful comments -mainly by serious aspirants – who have shown patience to comment on YouTube for the first time. 

We are happy that those who are watching these videos are finally saying ‘I-CAN’. That’s what matters to us. Thank you for being such a supporting community of aspirants. 

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