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[MOTIVATION] How to deal with Uncertainty?

It’s very certain that these days we are all facing truly uncertain times. So uncertain are our times that mighty UPSC, which basks in the glory of being the most ‘Uncertain and Unpredictable’ institution on the planet,  is itself uncertain about what to do next! If Covid had a face and had to face (with or without mask) UPSC personality test, it would have definitely scored the lowest marks ever awarded by UPSC. This much is certain. 

Having no clarity about something for which you have been preparing a lot by sacrificing so much, is indeed stressful.  It is depressing to know that all the effort that you are putting makes no sense at this moment. Sometimes it feels that what’s the point of working so hard when things are so uncertain in life – including life itself – thanks to Corona (virus). 

But this is an ordinary way of thinking. This way of thinking is for those who lack self-confidence and clarity about what they want in their lives. Uncertain future affects those people more who think that they deserve a certain future with definite outcomes because either they think they are intelligent or privileged; or they think that they are working too hard for it and are sure to earn it. Yes, you must be optimistic while pursuing a goal, but at the same time accept the fact that life is not always smooth. The point is, while chasing success, you should be mentally prepared to face failures and uncertainties. The present phase is such a moment which you must accept and make peace with it without affecting your progress. 

Getting IAS may be your dream, but you will get it only if you can deal with uncertainties with an equanimous mind. If you can not deal with  unpredictability of life, it’s difficult to deal with unpredictability in the examination hall – something that lakhs of IAS aspirants are experiencing every year in the preliminary exam for the past 3 years.

Life is always uncertain and it’s meant to be uncertain. If everything was certain, life would be very boring. Perfect order in the world poses no opportunity for growth. As an IAS aspirant who wants to be amidst challenges in future must learn to deal with challenges now. You will be a better officer then. 

Success comes to you only when you actually accept uncertainty and is undeterred by it. Right now, no matter when prelims is going to be conducted, you should be preparing for this exam with even more seriousness. In reality, if you are not studying meaningfully, that is because you always wanted an excuse to run away from this preparation. Uncertainty surrounding the UPSC civil services exam due to Covid is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who was not doing enough to clear this exam. Sorry to be harsh. But it’s the truth. As we have abundantly made it clear before in other ‘motivational’ articles that you are not preparing for an ordinary exam, or for an ordinary role. No excuse should prevent you from giving your fullest to realise your dream. Don’t worry about missing textbooks or notes – you can still pass this exam by reading what’s daily posted on our website or similar websites. 

Life has always been uncertain for you. At the  age of 12 you wanted to become a policeman. At the age of 16 you wanted to become a pilot. At the age of 18 you wanted to join Indian Army. And at the age of 20 you wanted to join a big MNC and earn a very fat salary. Since childhood you have dealt with uncertainties. It’s just how strongly you want something that matters most. 

Right now don’t think about tomorrow. You have so much to do today and you know it. Finish them first. Go on finishing pending tasks one by one. The more time you get better it’s for you to gain more knowledge and skills to do well in this exam. You don’t have to meditate to calm your mind. All you need to do is to stop thinking about the future. The best way to stop thinking about the future is to get busy today. Get very busy today. So busy that it should kill your appetite for food and appetite for procrastination. 

Uncertain times affect everyone. You are not an exception. But if you can sail through these times without losing your mind, you are going to face very less competition in the UPSC exam and also the ultimate exam called LIFE. 

We, Insights team will come up with a plan for you to keep busy all day till and beyond prelims. All you have to do is to trust us and follow our plan. We are your wellwishers. Not your competitors. The best way to deal with uncertain times is to fully surrender to a trusted Guru  and do what that Guru asks you to do with 100 percent faith.

Take care of your health. Stay indoors. Stay safe. And keep smiling. Life as we know is uncertain and short. Don’t spend much of this life thinking about what you don’t know i.e. uncertainty.