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New COVID- 19 symptoms

Topics Covered: Issues related to health.

New COVID- 19 symptoms

What to study?

For Prelims and Mains: Overview of conditions and symptoms mentioned.

Context: Alongside common symptoms, a new study has talked about “unexplained” skin manifestations in Covid-19 patients. Researchers have described five clinical patterns, including the so-called ‘covid toe’, that they observed in 19 per cent of the cases examined.


In a new study, researchers were able to describe five major clinical patterns:

  1. Asymmetrical pseudo-chilblain lesions affecting the hands and feet. Over 19 per cent of the cases showed such a manifestation.
  2. Nine per cent of the cases presented with vesicular eruptions on the trunk and limbs.
  3. 19 per cent presented with urticarial lesions, which can be characterised by itchy, swollen patches of different sizes on the skin.
  4. 47 per cent presented with maculopapular rashes, which comprises flat skin lesions and raised bumps.
  5. Six per cent of the cases presented with livedo or necrosis, which is characterised by the discolouration of the skin and may be caused due to disturbance in blood flow and reduced oxygen tension to the skin.

What are ‘covid toe’ and chilblains?

It is a kind of rash being reported as a manifestation in some Covid-19 patients’ toes. The researchers have likened it to pseudo-chilblain lesions.

  • Chilblains are small, itchy, red patches that appear on the toes and fingers after a person has been exposed to the cold.
  • A person with chilblains may see their toes and fingers swell up and become red.
  • The condition occurs due to inflammation in the small blood vessels in the skin, a response to repeated exposure to cold air.
  • Chilblains usually clear up within one-three weeks on their own.

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Sources: Indian Express.