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[ MOTIVATION ] : 5 Thoughts to imbibe during the times of trial

This article has been written by our in-house Psychotherapist Mrs. Arati Patil, which highlights the points to shape our mental fitness and keep ourselves energetic in the times of COVID-19 LOCKDOWN. These are the words of wisdom coming from an expert who understands the situation very well.

Do read it and be safe – physically and mentally.

5 Thoughts to imbibe during the times of trial

  1. Acceptance – Acceptance of situations, (The situation may not be exactly like the blue print of one’s desire) -the more one resists, it still persists, and the more we accept, our ability to transform situation builds-that also helps us shift our focus from problems to solutions: Energy Flows where attention goes.
  2. Get in touch with yourself: Sometimes we realize our strengths and weaknesses only during our darkest moments. Turn inwards, check your thoughts, feelings, dreams, visions, goals and align them. What you can do about it right now- Building immunity- Exercise, cleaning, eating habits, meditation, changing any habits if needed, Learn a new skill, take hands on your hobby.
  3. Design an outcome for your life: One needs to be passionate about creating a life [future] that they want, to explore the new found reality and it’s important to always hold on to that vision of where you want your life to go on from here. Redesign your life goals/outcome of your life.
  4. Become aware of your Resources: In trying times, it becomes even more important to remind yourself of all your internal and external resources and blessings that you have with you right now and be grateful. In Every Adversity there is a seed for opportunity. There is always something good in everything that happens to us – check the positive intention.
  5. Law of Impermanence: Know nothing is permanent, everything changes, change is the only constant thing. This too shall pass. Rough Seas makes great sailors.

Most importantly to have a ‘Spiritual Quotient’: The chance to grow in spirit and wisdom comes only when life is at its most challenging!