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Analyse the impact of Corona virus pandemic on the Indian Pharma sector.

Topic:  Indian Economy and issues relating to planning, mobilization, of resources, growth, development and employment.

5. Analyse the impact of Corona virus pandemic on the Indian Pharma sector.(250 words)

Reference:  Economic Times

Why this question:

The article brings to us a detailed narration of the effects of ongoing pandemic on the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry.

Key demand of the question:

One must discuss the challenges and opportunities pertaining to India’s pharmaceutical industry.


Analyze – When asked to analyse, you have to examine methodically the structure or nature of the topic by separating it into component parts and present them as a whole in a summary.

Structure of the answer:


Briefly state the ongoing crisis across the country owing to the pandemic onset.


The question is pretty much straightforward and there isn’t much to deliberate. Bring out the impact of the pandemic on the pharma industry – explain first the stress it puts on the resources of the industry, then move onto explain the avenue that it provides to Indian pharma sector to establish its global footprint.


Conclude amidst all negativities it brings the Pharma Industry a chance to become a remarkable industry in the world.