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[Week-3] INSTA OPEN THREAD FRIDAY (IOTF) – Clear your Doubts on Environment Topics

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INSTA OPEN THREAD FRIDAY(IOTF)  is an innovative initiative started by InsightsonIndia to provide an opportunity for aspirants to interact Live with Mentors, Admin, and Faculties. Last week, we saw an exciting and constructive participation from the participants. We tried to clear doubts and queries related to Economy Subject. It was a learning experience for us too.

For the past 12 days, we are seeing an unprecedented participation of aspirants in INSTA Tests. As a postlude to Environment Insta tests, in this IOTF-3, we will try to attend your general and technical doubts related to Environment Subject. 

We are happy to help you for your success. 

One step at a time.

Note: Our Environment faculty will be available Live between 4 to 6 pm 27/03/2020
Note: Constructive Feedback and Suggestions are welcome.