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All Online Initiatives of InsightsIAS, Including Insta 75 Days Revision Plan-2020 will Continue Despite 21 Days Nationwide Lockdown

The announcement of 21 days lockdown of India to contain the transmission of COVID-19 has impacted everyone including civil services aspirants. Some of them were asking us last night if we would stop posting Current Affairs and Insta 75 Days plan (Check comments section HERE).

Our answer is resounding NO. We are NOT going to stop any of our initiatives, be it Daily Current Affairs, RSTV Summaries, Quizzes (CA, Static and RTM), Editorial, Insta 75 Days Revision Plan, or Secure – 2020. 

All initiatives which are part of daily routine of lakhs of aspirants across India, will be continued despite certain hurdles we at Insights are facing today. If you have noticed, we have simplified our website to make it more accessible. It’s 100 percent free of ads. There measures were taken to bring back focus only on the learning aspect without creating any distractions.

The same approach will continue despite the lockdown. We expect this lockdown to continue beyond 21 days as the situation of the ground is serious. During these tough times an IAS aspirant needs to stay focused and committed to his or her goal of becoming  a civil servant. To facilitate this, we at Insights must maintain utmost consistency.  

To be consistent we too need support and a strong reason. For us the strongest reason has always been helping anyone access quality information free of cost or at an affordable price. Everything that is provided on this website is free of cost, but to run a free website is a costly affair.  Hence we have a paid test series as well where cost of prelims test series is kept at affordable price. We request serious aspirants to buy these tests and help us stay consistent.

Even if you don’t buy we will stay consistent. The reason is running this website has become more of a passion thanks to the goodwill and expectations that aspirants have towards us. For us the following 21 days are just like any other day. Tough times come and go. Nothing is permanent. 

Now, in these hard times, we all should stay consistent. Especially you must stay determined more than ever to sail through these times. The days we are going through are unprecedented, and when we all collectively help defeat COVID-19, these days will be remembered in the history of mankind for long time to come. 

Hopefully, after 2-3 months the world will be a different and better place than what it is today. The present crisis will help us prepare better for future challenges which are going to be even worse. In those worst times, your role will be crucial. You, who will be a civil servant then, will be at the forefront trying to combat and eliminate future risks.

To be ready then, be strong today. Don’t let any negative thoughts overpower your senses. Don’t deviate because it’s more uncertain now. Stay the course. If you can endure this challenge without getting distracted, be assured of success in both civil services and life. Even in these times, find a reason to stay happy. Even if there is no reason to be happy, still try to stay happy. 

We are with you. And you be with us. We will both together create a better future.