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21 Days Complete Lockdown of India: PM Modi Speech (March 24, 2020) on Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Implications for UPSC IAS Aspirants


Key Highlights of Modi Speech on Coronavirus(March 24, 2020):

  1. CORONA means ‘Koi Road Par Na Nikle’ (No one must be on the roads).
  2. Covid-19: India under complete lockdown from Wednesday for 21 days, says PM Modi
  3. We are taking all steps to ensure continuous supply of essential commodities: PM Narendra Modi
  4. Total lockdown in the whole country from 12 am midnight: PM Modi while addressing the nation
  5. Only way to be safe from coronavirus is social distancing
  6. Ministry of Home Affairs has  issued guidelines  of effective measures and exceptions to the essential services during this 21-day lockdown
  7. One day’s “Janata Curfew” has shown that Indians can unite for a common cause
  8. Centre has allocated 15,000 crore for fighting coronavirus.
  9. List of essential services remains unchanged since the March 22 ‘Janta Curfew’

Implications for UPSC IAS Aspirant:

  1. Interviews of Civil Services Exam 2019 which are postponed will not be conducted till April 15, 2020. It’s also very unlikely that they will be immediately resumed. Probably interviews might resume in the last week of April 2020 or from the first week of May 2020. Those who are waiting, start preparing for Prelims -2020
  2. If interviews get completed by second week of May 2020 and final results are announced by third week of the same month, UPSC Prelims 2020 might be conducted on May 31, 2020 as it’s currently scheduled. Otherwise, prelims 2020 too might be postponed to June 2020 (which is very likely looking at the situation now)

Please read out previous motivational post about how to stay confident and consistent in these testing times HERE.

As it’s going to be 21 days of complete lockdown, please stay indoor and study with string determination to crack this exam in this attempt itself. Use this as an opportunity to study very well without thinking about anything.

In 1-2 months everything will be normal and UPSC will conduct its exams. You will be writing these exams. But when you go to write Prelims, you should not regret about wasting these 21 days. The one who makes use of adversities is the ultimate winner.

Now stop watching news, and get back to Revision. InsatTest is waiting for you!

Believe in the government, believe in the human spirit and believe in humanity – everyone will come together and defeat this pandemic collectively. Good days will definitely come sooner than you think. Let’s all stay home and help government do the rest of the job. 

Wish you all the best!