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Will UPSC Postpone Civil Services IAS Prelims Exam – 2020 (Preliminary) as well?

It is important to have clarity whether UPSC Prelims 2020 is going to be postponed or not. Right now, it looks like it will not be postponed. Let’s all hope that it won’t be postponed. 

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Reasons why it may not be postponed is that so far India has taken good measures in preventing community transmission of Covid-19. Even in the worst case scenario, if community transmission happens – India is taking measures(such as lockdown of cities) to flatten the curve. Which means, we will be able to restrict transmission of this deadly disease to manageable numbers. Our hospitals will not be overcrowded; there will not be panic on the streets.  To flatten the curve we need every day janta curfew (not just on random Sunday). With good measures, we can flatten the curve by end of April (going by the experience of China and South Korea). Flattening the curve demands utmost dedication by all citizens in understanding their civil responsibilities and living them stringently.  We all should trade-off some of our rights to prevent the worst. 

UPSC, which has cancelled personality test of civil services exam – 2019, might conduct interviews between May first week to second week and announce final results by third week of May-2020. 

Then on May 31st, Preliminary Exam might go on as planned now. 

In the worst case scenario, where more Kanika Kapoors attend more parties and people affected by such Kanika Kapoors attend more weddings – using public transport – curve may never flatten. This will require at least 2-3 months of lockdown of cities or states in India that are worst affected. 

Let’s all behave responsibly (luckily most IAS aspirants are in the state of eternal lockdown thanks to the nature of this exam and love attached to it) to halt the spread of COVID-19. Let’s hope that you all are going to write prelims on May  31st bright Sunday. 

Having said this, please remember that you MUST prepare as if Prelims is not going to be postponed. Tell yourself that it’s not going to be postponed. Internalise this belief. Otherwise, those of you who are under-confident and insecure will stop studying.  And those who are serious about this year’s exam will also waste lots of time thinking over the uncertainty(anyways this exam is always uncertain) about dates of the exam.

Even if the world outside is burning,  YOU – an IAS aspirant must stay in your room and study for the exam. Your best bet is to get into the system and eliminate the disease or douse the fire. Stay healthy and stay strong.

Stay so strong that no rumour affects your senses or thinking. Be so clear in your mind that whatever you study today with utmost sincerity, even if exam is postponed, is going to be useful when it is finally conducted. 

Meanwhile, follow our Insta 75 Days plan to keep yourself busy. If you are on of those whose interview is postponed, don’t wait for anything – start preparing for Prelims – 2020 (even if you are sure of getting Rank-1).