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National Disaster Response Force

Topics Covered: Disaster and disaster management.

National Disaster Response Force

What to study?

For Prelims: NDRF- key facts.

For Mains: Significance and the role of NDRF in disaster management in the country.

Context: The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) has trained more than 15,000 staff deployed at the air and land ports across the country on the protocols to be followed in view of the COVID-19 outbreak.

About NDRF:

The Disaster Management Act has made the statutory provisions for constitution of National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) for the purpose of specialized response to natural and man-made disasters.

Why was it needed?

Two national calamities in quick succession in the form of Orissa Super Cyclone (1999) and Gujarat Earthquake (2001) brought about the realization of the need of having a specialist response mechanism at National Level to effectively respond to disasters. This realization led to the enactment of the DM Act on 26 Dec 2005.


  1. Specialized response during disasters.
  2. Proactive deployment during impending disaster situations.
  3. Acquire and continually upgrade its own training and skills.
  4. Liaison, Reconnaissance, Rehearsals and Mock Drills.
  5. Impart basic and operational level training to State Response Forces (Police, Civil Defence and Home Guards).
  6. Community Capacity Building Programme.
  7. Organize Public Awareness Campaigns.

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Prelims Link:

  1. NDRF vs SDRF.
  2. Who heads NRDF?
  3. Bodies established under DM Act.

Mains Link:

Discuss the critical role played by National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) in providing a specialist response to a threatening disaster situation or disaster in the country.

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