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[MOTIVATION] To succeed, focus on internal motivation

What’s your biggest goal in life? 

Is it getting into ‘coveted’ civil services (IAS/IPS/IFS)? getting a degree from Harvard? becoming union minister? becoming the Prime Minister of India? or is it just to stay happy in life no matter what ups and downs that life throws at you?

Some individuals define goals, and some individuals are defined by their goals.  It’s extremely important to understand your ultimate goal in life. At the same time it is extremely important to have higher goal in life.  If the goal is just to get into IAS, then you are more likely to fail. You are more likely to end up as Probationary Officer in SBI, or maximum as an SDM in your state. Even if you end up as an IAS officer – you will fail as a civil servant (because civil ‘services’ was not your goal and you will be miserable in delivering services to people)

If your goal is beyond IAS (while pursuing IAS though) – that is to serve humanity (like in the times of pandemics like Coronavirus), or to eradicate poverty; find final solution to mammoth challenges like climate change, inequality etc – you are more likely to clear this exam. In fact, UPSC civil services examination will be a cakewalk for you. It’s because your internal motivation to get into civil services is not defined by the perks, prestige, fame, attention, status, powers or the rich wife you would get as part of the job.

Because it’s defined by the inner desire to see fellow humans prosper with your little help, your life will make it easy for you to achieve your goals. 

The reason why you will succeed is that when you focus on higher goals and aspirations, you are not affected by small issues such as anxiety, peer pressure,Preliminary exam or personality test. You will get more confidence to clear these exams as they are mere small steps towards larger goal. You will feel relaxed when you think lot about making this world a better place by being a better person. Daily tensions will melt when you think deep about solutions to world’s bigger problems.

If you are driven by instrumental motivation – that is to enjoy authority, power, fame, position and money – you are more likely to fail. Such motivation doesn’t last longer. It’s because what you are aspiring for is itself temporary and uncertain. It’s also because such goals are easily affected by social pressures. When you dream too much about attaining higher social prestige by getting into IAS or IPS, and when it starts appearing difficult to get these jobs – you are more likely to slip into frustration and eventually into depression.

When you are preparing for this exam, you must prepare your mind to face both success and failure in equal measure. This will be possible when your aspiration is selfless.  This will be possible when you care less for what other think and care more about how you are going to help other people. 

At the same time, because you have higher goals, your preparation must be ambitious (achieving higher targets daily). Just because you dream big to be the next Prime Minister, you can not afford to spend more time near chai ki dukaan and study nothing! 

Every day, every hour you must toil hard. Focus on one day at a time. Do the best you can on that particular day. For example, if you are following our Insta 75 Days  Revision Plan – give everything it takes to complete the targets before giving that day’s test. We have set ambitious targets for you. You set yourself ambitious target of beating our targets. Meanwhile think about nothing else! – don’t think about tomorrow, don’t think about Corona; don’t  even think about May 31st. 

And give the test on the same day. Revise the test on the same day. Don’t worry about marks. A person who wants to change the world is not affected by his scorecard. Instead he is more focused on improving his abilities and chances of reaching his goal. Seek improvements. Make mistakes – otherwise you will never improve. 

Also, don’t be scared to face difficult situations. Don’t walk away because something is difficult. We have seen many aspirants not solving our tests or quizzes thinking that they are tough. Thing is Prelims will get tougher. It’s not going to be easy this year. It’s going to be extremely tough. Therefore, it’s better to face tough tests daily and become resilient. You must reach a level where nothing scares you anymore.  Our InstaTests will do this to you. 

Reaching a higher goal requires you to enhance your capabilities  on daily basis. Try to improve a skill every day.  After certain number of days you will be a better person than you were before.

If driven internally to become a better person to make this world a better place to live in, you are already the most successful person on this planet. Because you have peace within; you can sleep well; you can make others happy; and you are no burden to the planet. 

Try to be an asset. To the planet. To the humanity.