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CSAT Plan within Insta 75 Days Revision Plan – Download the Timetable

We will daily post 5 CSAT questions in our Insta 75 Days daily InstaTests. Out of five questions 1-2 will be from Comprehension. Remaining questions will be based on the following timetable. Dedicating daily 1 hour for CSAT is advisable. Single topic will be covered for four days. This will help you do sufficient practice on each type of frequently asked CSAT questions in actual UPSC prelims CSAT paper.

Download CSAT Insta 75 Days Plan

As CSAT is getting trickier, you can not afford to be complacent. You should go with decent amount of practice. To score good score (above required minimum score) regular practice is the key. Hope our timetable will help you in this regard. 

Day-1 InstaTest is here. Solve it see where you stand. Wish you all the best.