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[Insights Secure – 2020] Mini Secure Revision Test: 07 March 2020

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General Studies – 1


1. Present the status of gender equality in India’s higher education. (250 words)

Reference: Hindustan Times


2. Elucidate upon the role played by Biju Patnaik, in the Indian and foreign freedom movements. (250 words)

Reference: Indian Express


3. “Whenever cultural and social issues are fought politically, bitter binaries are created.” Critically examine the statement in the light of Delhi riots that took place recently.(250 words)

Reference: Indian Express


General Studies – 2


4. Discuss the Supreme Court’s jurisprudence on reservations, do you subscribe to the view that the verdicts have gaps? Give your opinion. (250 words)

Reference: Hindustan Times


General Studies – 3


5. Analyze the possible impact of the idea of regional grid that will be leveraged to create a common electricity market for nations in India’s neighborhood.(250 words)

Reference: Live Mint


6. The Apex Court’s order on crypto currencies strengthens and respects RBI’s authority but calls for care in its exercise. Analyse.(250 words)

Reference: Live Mint


7. The coronavirus lingers to spread and claim victims. Explain with examples how technology is serving to control the outbreak. (250 words)

Reference: The Hindu