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Now, the Secure Initiative is more Dynamic and Vibrant

Insights Secure initiative was started on 30th September 2013. It was a first of its kind initiative on online platform for any competitive exam. This idea changed the way aspirants prepared for UPSC CSE where answer writing practice became routine and serious affair. During its 6.5 years of existence, we have consistently posted questions every single day. Those who have been following this initiative know its value(we don’t have to prove it). Since the last 4 years, almost every topper (including AIR-1, CSE-2016) has followed Secure initiative (directly or indirectly, or regularly or irregularly) and benefited by its unique approach.

Answer writing is a Skill. And any skill will develop only with small and consistent improvements. Improvements will happen if we get positive and constructive feedback from Self, Peers and Mentors. Hence, Insights Secure is coming up with a plan to make Daily Answer Writing a more vibrant and dynamic process.

To make the Secure a Successful Initiative, we expect you to actively participate in this process by posting answers daily without fail. Your Answers will be reviewed at 3 levels:

Insta Review:

In the real UPSC Mains environment, you will be pressed against the time and you have to write answers Instantaneously. Your subconscious mind will be engaged here. You will write answers from the existing knowledge base of your Long-Term Memory. Hence, every day you can post one or two answers immediately as you get the Question on Secure platform (you can choose any easier Question from your strong areas).

This is mainly for those who have done decent amount of preparation and wants to write instant answers to questions with which they are familiar. Otherwise for rest of the questions, do in-depth reading and then write answers next day as enunciated in our article – How to follow secure Initiative.

Under InstaReview Initiative, those who post answers within two hours will get guaranteed immediate (within half an hour) review. If you write answers on the same day within 4 pm, your answers will be reviewed by 6 pm on the same day. Any answers written after 4 pm will be reviewed within next 24 hours.

InstaReview  will help you to build discipline and consistency in your Daily Answer writing practice.  Moreover, getting feedback within 24 hours that too free of cost will help thousands of serious aspirants who lack money to get good guidance at their fingertips.

And our feedback will be holistic and will aim towards correcting your mistakes in order to help you write good answers that are on par with the present demand of UPSC.


As it will be practically difficult to review every answer, we will consistently review answers written by those who are active in peer reviewing. To get our reviews, you should review answers of fellow insightians on our platform. Peer review has great benefits.

Gandhiji once said that “helping others is helping ourselves”. By doing Peer Review, you will understand various answer formats and understand the competition. Subconsciously, you will compare others’ answers with yours. It helps you to understand the Examiners mindset in a long term practice(by the time you write UPSC Mains). After doing at least 4 to 5 Peer Reviews, you can write Self-Review. It will help you to assess your answers. You will start identifying and avoid simple mistakes. Hence after posting your answers, you can spend 30 mins on Peer and Self Reviews( a good long term investment).

Saturday Secure Personal Review by Vinay Sir: Over the years, Vinay Sir has personally guided numerous aspirants to shape and enrich their Mains answers ( including AIR-01 CSE-2016, AIR-03 CSE-2017 Read the toppers articles: Nandini kr : AIR -1, CSE -2016  Sachin Gupta : AIR -3, CSE -2017 ). To encourage the Serious Aspirants, Vinay Sir will personally review your answers on every Saturday. Selection criteria for the answers to be reviewed are :

  1. a) who consistently post their answers in that week ( from Monday to Friday);
  2. b) who actively participate in providing detailed Peer Review and Self Review;
  3. c) who are fast learners and seek to improve upon the suggestions given on InstaReview


The answers which are very good will be selected and posted separately in our Monthly compilation. This is in addition to our regular synopsis. We will boldly and proudly mention names of people who write these answers in our compilation. We will call them InstaToppers – rare breed of aspirants who display impeccable consistency and quality in writing answers – who will eventually go on to become UPSC Toppers. You will actually notice that most of these InstaToppers will figure in real UPSC Final Selection List in coming years.

These different levels of Secure Answers Review System are carefully designed to help the remote students to develop their Answer Writing Skills. This is a boon to students who completely rely on self study, or for those who can never afford coaching anywhere.

Every Journey has to start from some point. It is not important where you stand today but how you are moving in that path. It just needs two words put into action to evolve from an Aspirant to Topper: Hardwork and Consistency. Insights is ready to help you in all possible ways. Are you really ready to help yourself?

Happy Writing!