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Delhi water doesn’t conform to ISO standards

Topics Covered: Conservation and pollution related issues.

Delhi water doesn’t conform to ISO standards

What to study?

For Prelims: What are ISO standards, key findings of the report.

For Mains: Significance of the report, concerns and measures to address them.

Context: The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has submitted its report to the Supreme Court of India on drinking water standards in Delhi.

Key findings:

  • None of the drinking water samples randomly collected from across Delhi conforms to the ISO standards of purity in one or more requirements.
  • All the drinking water samples drawn from Delhi were non-conforming in one or more requirements as per IS 10500:2012 [specification for drinking water].
  • One of the main reasons for contamination in Delhi was leaking pipes.


On January 13, the court ordered the pollution control board and the BIS to conduct a random check of water quality in Delhi and submit a report in a month.

What next?

The court has asked the BIS to suggest measures to improve water purity and asked it for reports on the samples taken from the other cities.

Sources: the Hindu.