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Insta 75 Days Revision Plan for UPSC Civil Services Prelims – 2020

  1. Find InstaTests under Insta 75 Days Plan HERE
  2. How to follow Insights INSTA 75 Days revision plan and know more about MITRA booklet (Insights Innovation) – HERE
  3. CSAT Plan for Insta 75 Days Revision Plan Click Here

As prelims gets tougher, you will need intense and comprehensive plan for preparation so that you can be at your competitive best. Secret of clearing this tough UPSC prelims lies in the level of confidence you gain over the next three months. And confidence can come only if you follow a plan consistently with all the seriousness.  Without consistency, it’s difficult to achieve the level of competency required to clear this exam. Staying consistent in following one single plan, even if it’s imperfect, is the key to success.

Keeping in mind of the fact that every year UPSC Preliminary examination is getting unpredictable and challenging, we have designed this year 75 Days revision plan – which we would like to call as InstaRevision Plan – as it’s going to be your instant companion for comprehensive revision before the prelims. By following this intense timetable, you will gain confidence to clear prelims as it’s going to push you to test your limits on daily basis – both in terms of preparation and effectiveness of your learning and revision. Our daily dose of around 25 MCQs – which we are calling InstaTest – will test how well you have revised and at the same time will challenge you to think hard by giving you unexpected questions. This is to acclimatise you to face extreme uncertainty that has become the hallmark of UPSC civil services preliminary examination.

As it starts on March 15th, till then what you should do?

To get good scores in prelims, two aspects – Revision and Practice of Tests – play crucial role in helping you improve accuracy rate when it comes to solving full length tests. Your accuracy rate must be 80+ percent. 

Therefore, by March 15th, at any cost complete one time revision of both of our Subject-wise and Textbook – wise tests. This is possible if you have been giving them regularly since beginning. If not, you may have to solve 3-4 tests in a day to catch up.

This is very important as it helps you give good practice as well as helps you revise all important topics in quickest way possible. You must shed the tendency of going behind books right now. Do the ‘reverse engineering’ – i.e. questions to topics is the best way right now. 

After March 15, when the timetable starts, you can read important topics from books too while at the same time solving our papers second time.  The timetable will not be that hectic if you do one time revision of our tests right now.

Also, the timetable given expects perfection. But we and you know that perfection is illusion. Try to follow at least 80 percent of the targets given in the timetable. You will be at your best on the day of prelims.

It has been our experience that those who follow one timetable – perfectly or imperfectly – religiously, have highest success rate. In fact, mid-way through the timetable you will get the confidence of clearing prelims.

Our daily practice question will ensure that you stick to the routine. They act as both motivation and also sources of extra information. Do solve them every day without fail.

To clear prelims you should be mentally tough. You should be comfortable facing uncertain and uncomfortable situations again and again. You should reach a stage where any uncertainty is welcomed and faced with a smile.

Our mock tests and our Insta Revision timetable will ensure this. And this the biggest takeaway that you should be yearning for right now. 

One more takeaway is that if you follow this timetable religiously, you will be best ready for Mains – 2020 as well as you are going to acquire so much content through multiple revisions. It is our observation that those who used to follow our 75 days plan would write beautiful content in Mains answers (quoting specific facts and examples, showing clarity in concepts etc). Actually it makes perfect sense to stick to our plan and not give up it at any cost – howsoever difficult it is. In the end it helps you beyond your imagination. If at all someone doesn’t follow this plan – it’s because it’s FREE. It will remain free. Just that take it seriously. You will be the winner. Moreover so much hard work goes behind ensuring consistency in this timetable. If we can stay consistent, you too must.

Features of Insta 75 Days Revision Plan:

The revision timetable has been formed keeping in mind interest of the students and after analysing the previous year trends of the UPSC. Accordingly, each subject has allotted the timeframe to aid students to cover it comprehensively. This will give you a direction to cover the syllabus with standard sources. The focus has been laid on the multiple revisions as it will help you to retaining things.

  1. Comprehensive coverage of syllabus with 3 revisions.
  2. Three times revision of the insights test series, both subject or module wise test series and the text book based test series with former being aligned with the revision timetable.
  3. Four Revisions of Insights monthly current affairs from June 2019 to May (1-15), 2020
  4. 3 Revision of Insights daily current affairs quiz from January 2019 to April 2020
  5. Coverage of Yojana from January 2019 to April 2020 with 5 revisions
  6. Three revisions of Insights Insta PT exclusive modules aligned with the subject that is being covered.
  7. Space to cover previous Year UPSC papers from 2001 to 2019 in last 20 days.
  8. Daily 25 high quality GS questions for practice, skill improvement, providing new information and improving mental toughness.
  9. Daily 5 CSAT Questions to ensure CSAT paper will not be any hurdle to clear Prelims 2020 (Schedule for CSAT will be Uploaded shortly)
  10. The content you gain right now will be immensely useful for Mains – 2020.

Download the Insta Revision Plan

Insights Insta Revision Plan for UPSC Prelims 2020 


So, wake up and start revising our tests immediately.  Right now you can not afford to be lethargic and slow paced. You will have to understand the nature of competition, and be the best (or beast) – to not only withstand the competition, but to beat it too. This is possible when you impose blind faith in our guidance and follow it religiously – without doubting it.