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Welcome to New Theme – Making Our Website More User-Friendly to Make UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation Distraction-free and Easy


You might have noticed the new user interface of our website already. We wanted to keep things simple and more accessible. Somewhere, we brought too many things on website which were acting as distractions. Over the years we have realised that when things are kept simple and fundamentals are strong, it’s easy to enjoy life and achieve success. In this regard, we are giving all prominence to YOU – the centre of this website – to help you success our all important articles and posts as easily as possible. 

As time is an important factor,  we wanted you to focus only on content part of articles and not on ads and other stuff. Therefore, we have removed ads from this website. Those annoying ads you were seeing in the DisQus are all gone (we are paying DisQus to not post those ads!).

We are also doing away with Google Ads inside posts (we may retain one ad in homepage though). For the kind of traffic our website receives, doing with ads costs us. However,  we know that keeping our students happy and well informed is more important and satisfying us.  

Having started unique initiatives in order to help you prepare better, we would like to continue to keep our focus on YOU to help you sail through this exam in as lesser attempts as possible. Whenever we hear feedback from students from remote parts of country that how our website is helping them access quality information at no cost, it pumps us to do more to you. It’s very gratifying. 

You and we are a community. Feel free to ask us to support in any way possible. As we have seen many struggles faced by many aspirants, we are aware that right guidance can do lots of difference to serious aspirants to make this exam a quick affair. If you happen to be near any of our offline centres, just walk in and talk to any of our mentors or faculty. You need not be our subscribed student. We don’t check IDs or anything when you need guidance. All we want is your success. Because that is our success.

Wish you all the best. Please feel free to give your feedback in the comments section. Take care of your healths and lots of love from Team Insights.