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[Insights Secure – 2020] Daily UPSC Mains Answer Writing Practice: 08 February 2020

[Insights Secure – 2020] Daily UPSC Mains Answer Writing Practice: 08 February 2020

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General Studies – 2


1. India has made progress in deepening integration in South Asia. However several challenges persist, discuss the concerns facing India in this dimension of regional connectivity with South Asia.(250 words)

Reference: Hindustan Times


2.How far is imposition of death sentence to satisfy “collective conscience” justified? Illustrate with recent decisions made by apex court in this direction.(250 words)

Reference : The Hindu


General Studies – 3


3. “The Genome India Project is supposed to be among the most significant of its kind in the world because of its scale and the diversity.” Discuss the key elements of the project and highlight the importance of it in genetic studies.(250 words)

Reference:Indian Express


4. Formalization could be the forerunner of change for the economy, but extreme formalization can prove to be a formula for distress to the informal sector. Examine. (250 words)

Reference: The Hindu


5. Considering draft notification to regulate reverse osmosis, the main aim should be to persuade authorities to promote and supply BIS-standard water at the consumer’s end.(250 words)

Reference: The Hindu


6. Lesser enterprises need other forms of support to play their spirited role in aggregating employment and incomes at the bottom of the pyramid. Deliberate.(250 words)

Reference: The Hindu


7. Discuss the key features and provisions of Uniform Code of Pharmaceuticals Marketing Practices. Highlight the need and its significance to the Pharma industry.(250 words)

Reference: The Hindu