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New and Emerging Strategic Technologies (NEST)

Topics Covered: Cyber security related issues.

New and Emerging Strategic Technologies (NEST)

What to study?

For Prelims: Objectives and functions of NEST.

For Mains: Need for and significance of NEST.

 Context: With India grappling with issues like the security implications of the introduction of 5G and artificial intelligence, the Indian foreign ministry has announced the setting up of a new division on New and Emerging Strategic Technologies (NEST).

About NEST and it’s functions:

  • The division will act as the nodal point in India’s foreign ministry for all matters connected to new and emerging technologies including exchange of views with foreign governments and coordination with domestic ministries and departments.
  • It will also help assess foreign policy and international legal implications of emerging technology and technology-based resources.
  • The desk will also be involved in negotiations to safeguard Indian interests at multilateral fora like the United Nations or the G20 where rules governing the use and access to such technologies could be decided.


The new division is one of the many specialized desks created in recent years to deal with emerging challenges and scenarios.

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