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[Insights Secure – 2020] Daily UPSC Mains Answer Writing Practice: 28 December 2019

[Insights Secure – 2020] Daily UPSC Mains Answer Writing Practice: 28 December 2019

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General Studies – 1


1. The latest global gender gapreport should be seen as a wakeup call for the government to institute suitable measures to forempowerment of women. Deliberate.(250 words)

The Hindu


2. Why the iconoclast social reformer Periyar matters in Tamil Nadu? Discuss the contributions of Periyar and significance as of today.(250 words)

Indian Express

General Studies – 2


1.The spirit of civil disobedience and commitment to the Constitution that is consolidating among the broad masses of people is a heartening assurance in the recent unfolding situation in the aftermath of the passage of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA). Critically analyse. (250 words)


General Studies – 3


 1. Notwithstanding the government’s legislative, technical and institutional measures for addressing matters related to cyber security, the quantum of cyber-attacks have gone up rapidly. Examine(250 words)

India Express


2. Rather than opting for measures like farm loan waivers, which lead to problems of moral hazard that impact credit culture, measures should be undertaken to improve agricultural productivity. Do you agree? Discuss while suggesting suitable solutions.(250 words)

Indian Express


3. Achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change requires support from the international trade system. Justify the statement with suitable backing. (250 words)


4. Addressing multiple dimensions and various forms of malnutrition requires an integrated policy, coherent action, and total transformation of the country’s food system.Comment.(250 words)

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