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INSIGHTSIAS PSIR Optional Mains Test Series 2020

INSIGHTSIAS PSIR Optional Mains Test Series 2020

Starts from 25th December  2019


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Insights IAS is Pleased to announce the test series for POLITICAL SCIENCE & INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS optional.


The Test series will be conducted by Mr. Tanveer Asif , UPSC CSE 2017  Rank 25 and the topper in PSIR with 326 marks.

Features of Test Series

  1. There are 4 Part wise tests and 4 Full Length Tests
  2. Papers will be evaluated by Mr. Tanveer Asif within 10 working days of the test
  3. Personalized one on one feedback will be given
  4. Special sessions on Answer writing and mastering the art of writing answers especially for PSIR
  5. Complete flexibility in taking up the tests as per your suitability until 15th March 2020
  6. Question paper and Answer booklet wiil  exactly in UPSC Pattern


Test series is available in Online mode as well as Offline Mode

  • Our Bengaluru Centre
  • Our Delhi Centre
  • Our Hyderabad Centre
  • Online mode (at your home)


PSIR as an optional has always been popular among UPSC aspirants. Its popularity is owing to the following factors

  • Concise syllabus compared to other optional subjects
  • Overlap with general studies is much higher than other subjects
  • Dynamic and analytical nature which helps in general studies and reduces burden of memorization

INSIGHTSIAS is offering the best of the facilities for all aspirants to master the art of answer writing to score 300+ in Optional Subject in Mains.

It is time for you to gear up your preparation and master the art of answer writing under the guidance of the Topper till date, Mr. Tanveer Asif.



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