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National Mathematics Day 2019

Topics covered: Science and Technology- developments and their applications and effects in everyday life Achievements of Indians in science & technology; indigenization of technology and developing new technology.

National Mathematics Day 2019

What to study?

For Prelims and Mains: National Mathematics Day- facts and significance.

Context: National Mathematics Day is celebrated every year on December 22.

It is observed to honor the birth anniversary of the famous mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan who greatly contributed towards mathematical analysis, number theory, infinite series and continued fractions.

National Mathematics Day:

In 2012, the Indian Government declared that 22 December will be celebrated every year as National Mathematics Day.

Highlights of Srinivasa Ramanujan’s life:

  1. In 1911, Ramanujan published the first of his papers in the Journal of the Indian Mathematical Society.
  2. Ramanujan traveled to England in 1914, where Hardy tutored him and collaborated with him in some research.
  3. He worked out the Riemann series, the elliptic integrals, hypergeometric series, the functional equations of the zeta function, and his own theory of divergent series.
  4. The number 1729 is known as the Hardy-Ramanujan number after a famous visit by Hardy to see Ramanujan at a hospital.
  5. Hardy observed Ramanujan’s work primarily involved fields less known even amongst other pure mathematicians.
  6. Ramanujan’s home state of Tamil Nadu celebrates 22 December as ‘State IT Day’, memorialising both the man and his achievements, as a native of Tamil Nadu.

The Dev Patel-starrer ‘The Man Who Knew Infinity’ (2015) was a biopic on the mathematician.

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