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Modern sensibilities cannot take root in a nation that allows regressive beliefs to thrive. Comment.

Topic: poverty and developmental issues; Social empowerment;

2. Modern sensibilities cannot take root in a nation that allows regressive beliefs to thrive. Comment. (250 words)


Why this question:

Nearly 107 people have been killed in witch-hunting incidents in Assam since 2011, parliamentary affairs Chandra Mohan Patowary told the Assembly during a discussion on various issues related to the home department. Such killings are not uncommon in Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Odisha and some other states. The truth is that the markers of modernity — literacy, equality and rights — are not universal.

Key demand of the question:

The question wants us to express our knowledge and understanding about the RTI act. The recent proposed changes in the RTI act and how it could lead to subversion of the objectives of right to information.


Comment – When asked to comment, you have to examine methodically the structure or nature of the topic by separating it into component parts and present them as a whole in a summary.

Structure of the answer:


Define the practice of witch hunting. Give the background of continued witch hunting cases in India.

  • Witch hunting involves the branding of victims, especially women as witches, where they are accused of possessing supernatural powers to harm others.
  • The victim is subjected to numerous forms of torture, beatings, burns, paraded naked through the village, forced to eat human excrement and sometimes even raped.
  • In some cases, their hair is cut off and the victim and their children are socially excluded and even put to death.


Discuss the reasons for such victimization.

Discuss the problems faced and implications on women due to discriminatory acts like witch hunting.

  • Women are being killed and specially targeted by being branded as witches.
  • Anything that happens abruptly, which does not favour a person or the family, is attached to the cause that the woman (daughter-in-law/wife) is the witch.
  • She is the unlucky one, responsible for all the mishaps.

Discuss the failure to prohibit such practices despite presence of laws in states.

Provide measures to tackle the issue of witch hunting.


Based on your discussion, form a fair and a balanced conclusion on the given issue.