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[Insights Secure – 2020] Daily UPSC Mains Answer Writing Practice: 14 December 2019

[Insights Secure – 2020] Daily UPSC Mains Answer Writing Practice: 14 December 2019

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General Studies – 1

1. “Reservation for Dalits is not to undo economic backwardness, but as remedy for untouchability”, Do you agree with the statement? Present your arguments with suitable reasons backing your opinion.

Reference: The Hindu

General Studies – 2

1. Japan has emerged as India’s primary geo-economic partner, at a time of geopolitical uncertainty, if each country were to absorb the best strategic attributes of the other; it would be the best guarantee of peace and prosperity in this half of the world. Explain.

Reference: Hindustan Times

2. Is India losing the promise of inclusivity with the coming of Citizenship amendment bill, 2019?  Critically analyse. 

Reference: Indian Express

3. Ayushman Bharat PM-JAY seeks to bridge the gender gap in the use of healthcare services by addressing a key constraint. Comment. 

Reference: Indian Express

4. Global negotiations today revolve around debates about the transfer and security of data. In this context, the Personal Data Protection (PDP) Bill, 2019 is India’s first attempt to domestically legislate on the issue of data protection. Discuss. 

Reference: The Economic Time

General Studies – 3

 1.Discuss the importance of Rescue in disaster management and highlight various rescue methods using a case study or an illustration from the recent past.

Reference: UNCHR

General Studies – 4

 1 . Enumerate the ethical challenges posed by globalisation while suggesting solutions to address the same.

Reference: Research Gate