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Village Secretariat programme

Topics Covered:

  1. Development processes and the development industry the role of NGOs, SHGs, various groups and associations, donors, charities, institutional and other stakeholders.


Village Secretariat programme


What to study?

For Prelims: Key features of the programme.

For Mains: Significance and the need for this initiative.


Context: Village Secretariat system launched in Andhra Pradesh.


Key facts:

  1. Under the new system, the AP government, one Village Secretariat has been set up for every population of 2,000, with each one comprising close to a dozen village officials (from different departments like police, revenue, etc).
  2. The idea behind it, according to the state government, is to ensure that its services reach people on the ground, and also to strengthen the existing Panchayat Raj system.
  3. Village Secretariats would act as a bridge between the government and the people by rendering over 500 types of services at their doorstep.
  4. These institutions would showcase government programmes and make pictorial representations of government schools and hospitals under the caption ‘then and now’ to show how reforms have changed their functioning.



While the ruling YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) has maintained that this will make government services more accessible, the system, however, is in complete contrast to the earlier trajectory of the state, which had been pushing for e-governance or online services instead under former chief minister N. Chandrababu Naidu.


Sources: the Hindu.