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Insights New Secure – 2020: Detailed Timetable for Success in UPSC CSE-2020

Insights New Secure – 2020: Detailed Timetable for Success in UPSC CSE-2020

Insights Secure initiative has been used by toppers over the years to succeed in the UPSC civil services examination. A smart candidate knows how to make use of available tools to his/her advantage. We have seen many toppers effectively using Secure initiative in various ways to maximise their GS Marks in Mains.

We have also written in detail – How to Make Use of Insights Secure Initiative‘. Do please read this article to make your preparation very productive and result oriented.  Secure initiative MUST be followed from this month itself i.e. immediately after Mains – 2019 to see gradual improvement in your knowledge, understanding of the issues and in the quality of your answers and essays.

As per our analysis of Mains 2019 GS and Essay papers, static part of UPSC civil services syllabus plays crucial role in Mains. UPSC wants you to know concepts strongly and then link these static concepts with current issues holistically (i.e. creating inter-linkages in order to bring more dimensions in your answer). At the same time it’s encouraging to see that UPSC continues to frame questions directly from sub-topics given in its GS syllabi.

This year, in Mains – 2019 questions in GS, Essay and even in Optional papers demand thorough analysis of burning issues in addition to certain important static topics which may not be in news. Analytical ability can only be improved through thinking and writing regularly. Especially, regular writing plays critical role in building your analytical ability. Again, writing answers after looking at others’ answers or synopsis will take you nowhere. You must follow the guidelines given in the article mentioned above. By referring to synopsis you may gain knowledge, but not wisdom.

The following Timetable for CSM-2020 is intended to help you prepare holistically without neglecting any part of the GS syllabus. Last year we had given break-up of syllabus – which we used to frame questions. New Secure 2019 will have static as well as current affairs questions.

In this initiative we will frame as many questions as possible on each and every part of the GS syllabi. This will help you make notes as well as write answers in a continuous manner for next 300+ days.

We urge you to write minimum 2 answers every day till April – 2020. This helps in Prelims – 2020 as well. As Prelims questions are picked from Opinion articles, following Secure has immense benefits in Prelims too.

The New Secure – 2020 Timetable:

INSIGHTS IAS New Secure – 2020 Timetable


This exam requires real smart work and dedication. Every aspirant who understands the trend and expectations of UPSC, and works consistently towards earning a rank under proper guidance, has a chance to SECURE a rank. You need discipline and timetables like New Secure 2020 which is free of cost must be utilised intelligently to your advantage.

Insights New Secure – 2020 will start from October 3, 2019. Wish you all the best. We hope you will emerge as next Nandini K R, Anu Kumari or Srushti Deshmukh.  If you want to be a topper, you can. You have tools at your disposal. Use them wisely.

Note: New Secure – 2020 Questions will be indexed on THIS page. Please Bookmark it.