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InsightsIAS Ethics 70 Days Plan – Day 43

InsightsIAS Ethics 70 Days Plan 

Day 43


Case study

You are an Indian diplomat send to china to negotiate on border issue. The diplomat you work with Mr. Xi is a senior diplomat and in a decision taking position.he has great fondness for Indian culture and his soft side makes him agree to some Indian demands which otherwise might not go through that easily.

The pact is to be finalized in the next week but other modalities have to be worked out. On Saturday Mr Xi invites you for a Chinese dinner at a famous restaurant. On the way back he insists to drop you at your hotel and on the way his car hits two cyclists, injuring them fatally. You were aware that he was driving fast and thus lost control.

The police comes to investigate the matter and you are the sole witness to it apart from Mr. Xi and know it was a grave mistake on part of Mr xi. Knowing the strict laws of china on road accidents, .your truthful account of incident could implicate Mr Xi and that just wont be an end to his career and harsh sentence, but would also jeopardize the border pact which is of immense importance to India.

What are the dilemmas you face and will be your response to the situation?