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InsightsIAS Integrated Year-Long Prelims cum Mains Test Series (IPM)- 2020

InsightsIAS Integrated Year-Long Prelims cum Mains Test Series (IPM)- 2020

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This is a disruptive initiative by InsightsIAS where an aspirant can prepare for civil services exam in perfect symphony – balancing both Prelims and Mains preparation – without complicating their daily preparation schedule. By following one and only timetable, you can prepare both for Prelims and Mains and put into test – intensively – your preparation through our high quality tests.

In this one of its kind approach we have come up with a concept of EBS for Mains (Essential, Breakthrough and Simulation Tests) – where, a candidate, especially Freshers or those who haven’t done writing practice yet, will see progressive improvement in the way they prepare, think and write their answers. 

Elementary approach will lay more emphasis on building the basics, especially static component of the syllabus through testing factual and conceptual aspect on issues related to all parts of Mains syllabus. Here, questions will test your ability to understand and retain crucial facts and concepts.

Once your facts and concepts are thoroughly tested, next set of tests i.e Breakthrough tests – will test your ability to link Facts and Concepts with current affairs. Breakthrough tests will also test your ability to interlink facts, concepts and current affairs related to multiple topics. (for instance, linking economy concept with geography or polity one).

In the end, Simulation tests will give real exam like feeling to help you consolidate and finally put to test effectiveness of Mains preparation. As this happens before Prelims itself, you will face Mains – 2020 with super-confidence. You will actually ace it.

Now, what about Prelims preparation?

If you look at the timetable, both CSAT (which is getting tougher) and Prelims Paper – 1 are seamlessly integrated with the Mains syllabus. You will follow one timetable and prepare both for Prelims and Mains – 2020.

More than 50 Prelims tests will give you ultimate practice to clear prelims with confidence. Our prelims mock tests have proven to be most effective way to prepare for prelims as they enable a candidate to face any kind of questions in actual exam. And moreover with hit rate of nearly 80 questions (from Prelims Tests + Revision questions), you will stand a very good chance of scoring 120+ if you effectively use our tests.

This new disruptive initiative is a powerful tool. You will have to use it to its full potential. You will have to make use of this tool to hone your skills. By following this timetable and doing tests regularly, you will see huge difference in the way you are preparing now. You will feel empowered. You will gain confidence to clear this exam.

To be fair, to clear this exam, you will have to do well in Optional too. Though the timetable do not accommodate Optional, it provides you sufficient gap to prepare for optional as well. Firstly, there is no ambiguity between prelims and mains preparation – this itself will give you enough space to accommodate Optional on daily basis.

We will be helping you with mains – 2020 preparation by providing FREE mains test series (3 months) to those who write all Mains tests of Insights Integrated Prelims cum Mains Test Series – 2020(IPM-2020). This means, if you write all 46 tests, you will be rewarded with nearly 28-30 Mains tests which we conduct after Prelims – 2020 (which will cost Rs 25k for others. By paying 39k, you will actually get the benefits of 64k!)

Moreover, this is a positive incentive for you to write all tests. If you don’t write any test, you will benefit us. But, we genuinely want you to write all tests so that we can evaluate them in depth and help you reach your goal.

Our evaluation and feedback system has matured and has helped many get top ranks in CSE-2018. You can be one of them.

(If you write half the tests under IPM-2020, you will get 50% discount)


Tests (Prelims + Mains) Break-up:

Prelims tests – 51

General studies – 41
▪ Subject wise test – 28

▪ Revision test — 6
▪ Full length test — 7

CSAT – 10
▪ Sectional tests — 6

▪ Full length tests – 4 •

Mains tests – 46

  • Essay – 10
  • Elementary Tests – 12 
  • Breakthrough Tests – 8
  • Simulation Full length – 16

Other Features and Benefits:

  1. In the Prelims portal, new features such a analysis of your Guessing behaviour will help you improve your Guessing skills
  2. 10 Full Length CSAT tests will help you take care CSAT fears
  3. 41 Full Length Prelims tests will give you 4100 high quality questions to overcome prelims fear and clear it
  4. In the prelims portal, your entire performance including ‘accuracy rate’ and section wise analysis will be graphed
  5. Tests are flexible. Give them anytime you feel comfortable.
  6. As already explained, EBS approach will make you a Pro in Mains
  7. Video Discussions will be uploaded for Mains tests
  8. Detailed, well researched synopsis will be made available for all mains tests
  9. A mentor will be assigned to clarify your doubts (both prelims and mains) – This feature will be made available from October – 2019.
  10. If you give all Mains tests under IPM-2020, you will absolutely get FREE access to Three Months Mains Test Series -2020 post prelims.
  11. In case if you don’t clear Prelims – 2020, there will be 50 percent discount on Prelims – 2021 test Series for all the subscribers of IPM-2020
  12. EBS Value added materials on topics like World History, Disaster Management and all important mains Topics.

This is a powerful initiative for those who would like to do the self-study and pass this exam. This program is not only the best way to prepare, but when you compare with the prices that most institute charge (some charge 29k for 30 tests), this program is affordable and is the best investment you can make. 

Note: We will be making available ONLY Mains component within IPM-2020 i.e. separate Year Long only Mains test series -2020 from Next week. If you have already subscribed for Prelims – 2020 test series, you can enrol for Yearlong Mains test series (discount will be given). Same will be made available in prelims portal on your dashboard.

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