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InsightsIAS Ethics 70 Days Plan – Day 18

InsightsIAS Ethics 70 Days Plan 

Day 18

Ramya, a young IAS officer, was transferred to a Zilla Panchayat as its new Chief Executive Officer. It was a punishment transfer, thanks to her impeccable personal and professional integrity, and short temper.

Soon after her posting, a monthly review meeting was called by the ZP President. He was an influential political figure in the district. In the meeting, one of President’s ardent followers, stood up and directly questioned the CEO why his demand for sanctioning two bore wells to his constituency was not yet met. Other members joined him and in few minutes, the meeting hall was in ruckus. This was premeditated to unsettle the new CEO, known for strict discipline.

She tried to explain that she would go through the files and would soon direct concerned officials to take action. But members were unrelenting. CEO got angry and asked everyone to behave themselves. This irked many and the commotion grew louder.

ZP President, taken aback by the CEO’s outburst, shouted at her and spoke to her in singular using derogatory language. He warned her that it was the right of members to question her and a protest would be held outside against her. Ramya was insulted in front of all the members and her pride was hurt.

Explain how Ramya could have handled the situation in the meeting and what should be her reaction to the President’s insulting remarks against her?