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`Internet Saathi’ programme

Topics covered:

Awareness in the field of IT.


`Internet Saathi’ programme


What to study?

For prelims and mains: Key features and significance of the initiative.


Context: Google India and Tata Trusts are set to expand their ‘Internet Saathi’ digital literacy programme for rural women to villages in Punjab and Odisha.

Coverage: Currently, the programme has reach of 2.6 lakh villages across 18 states. On adding Punjab and Odisha the programme will now extend its reach to 20 states in India.


About Internet Saathi:

It is joint initiative of Google India and Tata Trusts.

It aims to facilitate digital literacy among women in rural India.

The programme aims to train Saathis in villages that can in turn help educate other women from their village in the use of the internet.


Significance of the initiative:

It has contributed towards bridging digital gender divide in rural India. Women trained under this initiative have started their own micro-business such as stitching, honeybee farming, and beauty parlours. Many under programme are also driving awareness for issues like girl child education, menstrual hygiene and more within their communities.


Sources: the Hindu.