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Questions from InsightsIAS Prelims Test Series 2019 (and 75 Days Revision Questions) in the UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam – 2019

Questions from InsightsIAS Prelims Test Series in the UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam – 2019

Note: You can count yourself how many questions are from our tests in the document given below. We leave it to your judgement (consider statements given in our test questions and solutions both). Between don’t forget to read screenshots at the end of this post. 

We didn’t want to post this. But, as there is a section of students who want to take a decision to join test series solely based on ‘Hit Rates’ – we are publishing this document (thanks to their persistent demand). 

As we have stated many times, our test series is meant to empower and enable you to face actual exam with confidence. Our test series is meant to help you cover all basic books, especially NCERTS in the most meaningful way possible. Our test series is intended to bring discipline into your preparation for an entire year. Those who have understood this philosophy behind the test series knows very well that ‘Hit Rate’ doesn’t matter. However, like previous years, we have Hit Hard again in CSP-2019 as well.  Go through every question and solution in detail. You will be pleasantly surprised (if you are our fan), and shocked (if in case you don’t like us). Some of the most difficult questions were covered in our tests as it is. We have covered most of these CSP-2019 questions either in the statements within the questions or in the solutions – many of them as it is.

Click the Link below to Know how many Questions from Insights Test Series – 2019 and Revision Questions were repeated in UPSC CSP-2019 (please note that we have excluded Editorials, Mindmaps, Quiz, Rajya Sabha summaries etc)

Questions from InsightsIAS in UPSC Prelims 2019

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Some of the feedback we got soon after UPSC CS Prelims – 2019: