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Offline Mains Test Series – 2019: At Nominal price Without Evaluation


Offline Mains Test Series – 2019

At Nominal price Without Evaluation


Like in old days, Insights is again restarting providing an open space and platform for serious aspirants to give Mains test series at very nominal price (without evaluation). However, one can avail individual feedback by our faculty on few answers, case studies and essays (including Vinay Sir) now and then like they used to get earlier. After every test, you can also discuss each test among yourselves by forming a group(based on common optional subject).  We will provide you space for discussions. 

We will provide Question cum Answer booklets and a soft copy of synopsis for every test. You will be allowed to give all 28 Tests (Please check the timetable here)

You can come and register from June 12th at OGP-1 centre (above Village SuperMarket)

The cost of subscribing for Mains test series without evaluation is Rs 2500/- (inclusive of 18% GST)

In Bangalore, we are conducting a orientation session on Mains Test Series – 2019 (for both with and without evaluation candidates) on coming Saturday i.e. June 15 at 4 pm (OGP-2 Centre)

This Orientation session will focus on giving you tips to effectively make use of Mains test series to maximise your Marks.