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MOTIVATION [Plus Video]: For UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam – 2019 (By Insights Team)



For UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam – 2019

(By Insights Team)


By now you might have already revised so many things; or you may want to revise so many things. You might still be telling yourself that you could have solved few more tests or revised few  books once again. You tend to get affected by other people who appear to be reading more and more. You may someone reading certain new materials. Someone might tell you that you could have read this or that. You yourself might be regretting not reading certain book or current affairs material.

Believe us, tomorrow all these things do not matter. That is, more than how much you have read or missed reading, what matters is your attitude. You may keep telling yourself that you might get few questions from this source and that source which you want to finish at any cost tonight itself. What is more important is good amount of sleep. A good 8 hour sleep will get you more marks tomorrow than spending sleepless night trying to gobble up vast amount of information in remaining few hours; or losing sleep fretting over tomorrow’s exam.

Tell yourself to calm down. Whatever preparation you have done till now is sufficient to sail through prelims. Tomorrow, more than knowledge you will be needing a completely relaxed mind to cope up with any kind of uncertainty that you may face in the examination hall.

It may be a very difficult paper; a very disturbing classroom; garrulous invigilator; delay in giving question papers; lack of proper ventilation in exam centre. List can be endless. The most frightening among all these is the ‘Difficult Question Paper’.

Assuming that tomorrow’s paper is going to be very tough, how will you deal with it? Firstly, paper will be difficult for all. All your competitors would lose the game here if they can’t manage themselves and hold together. If you can stay strong, confident and composed in this moment – assume that you are definitely going to clear prelims. This may sound a bit like exaggerated statement – but it’s very true. Here in such an uncertain situation if you can smile and stay normal, all your hard work will pay off. Your preparation will help you in this situation.

So, have complete faith on your preparation even if it was imperfect. Go to exam with full confidence. Don’t get affected by any negative thing that takes place in the examination hall. You are stronger than you think. By staying calm you can overcome any adverse situation.

Don’t give too much importance to exam tomorrow. Though it’s important to clear it, by giving too much importance to it, or by attaching too much significance to it – you are putting yourself into too much pressure. Treat tomorrow’s exam as a screening test where your preparation is sufficient enough to sail through it. Keep telling yourself that tomorrow is going to be a good day. You are going to make it a good day whatever be the external circumstances.

In our experience we have noticed that those guys who behave like as if they have achieved nirvana in life clear this exam easily. You must stop getting too much attached with this exam. This exam tests character more than knowledge. Don’t yield to pressure. Don’t be scared. Your potential outweighs all your self-doubts. You let your potential do the work by staying normal. Even if tensed, act cool. Smile at strangers. Smile at invigilators. Smile at questions.

You should realise that life provides you various opportunities in life to achieve lots of things. We must have clarity and confidence to see and capitalise these opportunities. Only a calm mind can life’s possibilities.

We understand the amount of stress you may be undergoing right now. But believe us, it’s extremely important to stay calm. Go to sleep and sleep well. Don’t think about the exam. It won’t let you sleep. Think about the bigger goals of your life, or think of some funny things that you have witnessed or heard. If possible watch short comedy clips, or do something you love and sleep thinking about it.

When you wake up tomorrow, treat the day as a normal Sunday.  Things will go normal. And in your favour.

Wish you all the best. 🙂

If you can afford to spend an hour, please watch the video below. It’s a motivational talk which was conducted at our offline class today to boost morale of OGP students.