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CORE BATCH – 2020: Admissions Open (Details + Timetable)


CORE BATCH – 2020: Admissions Open

(Details + Timetable)

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When we first started our first offline batch in 2014, we got 5 ranks (Read their articles HereRank 8, Rank 26, Rank 36, Rank 97, Rank 392) from 15 odd students who remained (sustained) at the end of the program (40 were admitted). And others from this batch who continued their preparation under the guidance of Insights later got into either UPSC civil services or into state services. Since then we have produced Rank – 1 and Rank – 3 from OFFLINE initiatives, specifically from Insights Core Batches.

These ranks were possible due to joint efforts of candidates’ hard work and InsightsIAS guidance and test series. And this year in CSE-2018, we have produced 120+ Ranks (read their articles HERE) And in CSE-2019, results will be even better. What about CSE-2020?

As we stated  in earlier post, we were the pioneers in starting intensive online and offline test series programs, of which core batch program is stands out. Students for core batch programs were selected through an entrance exam and were given numerous tests to help them improve their writing skills – which is crucial to get very good rank. The core batch focuses on improving answer writing skills in all four general Studies papers and in addition to essay writing skills.

The fundamental principle that makes core batch unique is its specific focus on increasing GS+ Essay scores so as to nullify any adverse marks one  might get at the Interview (personality stage). Almost everyone who wrote our core tests, especially those who had written mains but had scored less in GS+ Essay, have seen great improvements in their scores resulting in ranks. There are n number of instances where toppers from Insights have improved their essay scores from 80s to 140s, 100 to 150s kind of scores; And 70-80 marks improvement in overall GS scores (you can see this in their testimonials).

Now based on our vast experience of conducting thousands of of Mains tests and giving personal feedback to toppers; at the same time gaining insights from students’ feedback – who have been associated with us for long time, the Core Batch -2020 Program is going to be very ambitious initiative where we will deliver definite results. But to get ‘definite’ results we will need very serious students who have tried hard but were unsuccessful due to shortage of few marks in GS and Essay papers, or even at Interview stage. 

If you had written Mains, or given interview and missed the opportunity of being in the Final List by scoring less in Essay + GS papers, our Core Batch Program is the ONE you are looking for. It doesn’t matter by how many marks you missed a rank,  we will assure you that there WILL be DEFINITE improvement in GS+ Essay marks.

In case you are extremely good in Optional subject, we assure you a DEFINITE Rank in CSE-2020 – provided you are part of the InsightsIAS Core Batch – 2020.  

The core batch for 2020 will have 200 students carefully selected from across India. These 200 students will be selected after thorough scrutiny and entrance test which will be conducted after Prelims – 2019.

In addition we will be selecting 50 students from Regular OGP – 2020 Classroom and include them in Core Batch – 2020 by conducting an entrance exam in the first week of December 2019. Most serious students of OGP-2020 will get an opportunity to realise their dream by being part of this unique group of industrious students. 

If you have been to interview either in CSE-2017 or CSE-2018 and skipping CSE-2019, there will be direct admission to Core Batch – 2020. 

Features of Core batch – 2020:

    1. There will be more than 120 Mains Tests between July 2019 to February 2020
    2. These Mains tests are designed to help in Systematic completion of syllabus of all FOUR General Studies papers through regular tests and discussions by December 2019. And then there will be second revision of all four GS papers between January – March 2020. During this latter phase, you can complete making of notes on the left-over topics. 
    3. You will have to compulsorily make short notes  before every test. Our timetable provides you scope to prepare thoroughly on every topic in syllabus before March 2020. 
    4. We will be giving you list of SOURCES for all topics before every class (it’s not given in the timetable as we intend to give list only to selected students)
    5. There will be 35+ Full Length Prelim Mock Tests
    6. The Prelims test series for Core Batch will be conducted Module – wise which is aligned with Mains Topics. This helps in coherent and integrated preparation for both Prelims and Mains – 2020. 
    7. Comprehensive EVALUATION of each and every Mains test (120+ Tests). These tests will be of 10 questions to 20 questions each. 
    8. Classroom DISCUSSION of all Mains Tests immediately after the test. These discussions will focus on content, structure and presentation of your answers.
    9. Between March – 2020 and May – 2020 you will have full time at your disposal to prepare for Prelims – 2020.
    10. For Core Batch – 2020 students, there will be FREE Mains test series with full evaluation immediately after Prelims – 2020.
    11. One MENTOR will be allotted for every 40 students of core batch to guide their preparation and assess performance in tests. 
    12. There will be strictly NO TEACHING or spoon-feeding. As said above there will be test discussions, but absolutely no teaching will take place for core batch. This batch is meant strictly for people who can do self-study all the topics but want to improve their marks in Mains by improving answer writing skills. 
    13. Copies will be evaluated by  a team of well trained evaluators who will consist of our veteran evaluators and previous toppers.  We have set a high standard in evaluation (evaluators must have given one interview; they must write an entrance test to become evaluator; they will write every test to understand its demand and give objective feedback etc)


What Core Batch – 2020 will do to you (Only if you sustain till the end of the program)?

  1. Completion of syllabus of both Prelims and Mains in a very disciplined manner
  2. Improve your answer writing skills to write high quality answers and essays (Nivedita who has scored one of the highest scores in Essay i.e. 148 in CSE-2018 is our core student)
  3. By January 2020 you will be in a position to complete full length GS paper in 3 hours with ease. 
  4. You WILL Clear Prelims – 2020
  5. You WILL Clear Mains – 2020 (Provided your hold on Optional is excellent and UPSC doesn’t play with your Optional)
  6. You WILL Get Rank in 2020 (Provided attend our Interview Guidance Program-2021 and give interview with full confidence and relaxed state of mind)
  7. In the worst case, you WILL see remarkable jump in ESSAY + GS Scores in Mains – 2020

These are NOT mere promises. We WILL deliver.

But, your success is the fruit of honest collaboration between you and us. We will do our part sincerely, But to succeed;

  1. You MUST stick to timetable and NEVER miss a test – no matter how well or bad your preparation is.
  2. You MUST not judge the program or people who run the program. Just dedicate yourself. Focus on improving your abilities on daily basis with the aid of our tests, discussions and feedback.
  3. You must really work hard CONSISTENTLY.
  4. Strict discipline in your preparation is warranted. Without discipline you can’t succeed.
  5. You MUST take care of your health, stay fit and alive
  6. Finally, you must have FAITH in Insights. 

If you don’t follow any one of the above conditions, in case you fail, you will have to blame yourself. But we have Mentors to motivate to push you to be consistent, and do well in all tests. Let’s not talk of failure yet. 

We strongly believe that anyone who ends up in our core batch 2020 will definitely end up with a rank either in in CSE-2020 or in CSE-2021. 



The timetable is designed to help you complete Mains and Prelims syllabus Paper and Topic – wise. First set of tests will be based on General Studies Paper – 1. In addition Essay and Ethics tests will be conducted. This is to break the monotony of studying one subject continuously. Essay tests will be based on certain themes and you will have to prepare content for these essay tests. You will be giving so many Full Length Mains tests throughout the program.

To download the Timetable, Click Here.

Duration of the Program:

  1. Classroom tests and discussions: June 10, 2019 to April 8, 2020
  2. Prelims Study Leave: April 9, 2020 to June 2020
  3. Mains Test Series: Mid – June 2019 to till Mains 2020
  4. Interview Guidance Program: Post Mains 2020 to Personality Test dates.



Rs 95,000 (Inclusive of 18% GST)

*Concession in fees will be considered for students who have previously given UPSC civil services interviews

(For core batch students there will be concession of 25% on Reading Room Fees)

Selection Criteria

  1. Must have written Mains in either 2017 or 2018 (not before that)
  2. If you have given Interview in 2017 or 2018, there will be direct admission to Core Batch 2020 ( No waiver of fees though)
  3. If you are a fresher, must complete Optional by July 2019. Preference will be given to those who have completed Optional already
  4. There will be an entrance test to all shortlisted candidates in June first week at Bangalore centre. Result will be announced very next day. Details of date and venue will be sent to shortlisted candidates.
  5. There will be another entrance in December  2019 to OGP students to become part of Core Batch 2020. There will be no additional Fees charged.


We will be announcing a separate Timetable and details of regular OGP -2020 Classroom program – which is meant only for Freshers. OGP-2020 will not have any pre-condition. The program will aim mainly to build content, concepts and confidence among freshers for the first 6 months. This is in addition to tests that are conducted at regular intervals. If you are a fresher who is just starting UPSC civil services preparation, InsightsIAS OGP-2020 is the program you are looking for. As mentioned above in this article, if you do well and clear our entrance, you can be part of Core Batch 2020.

In case you feel like you will need classes on basics and need constant motivation or spoon-feeding, please DON’T apply to core batch. This program is for very determined and strong individuals.

How to Apply to Core Batch – 2020:

Please visit the link below and fill in the details:

Click Here

(We have kept a registration fee of Rs 200/- to prevent non-serious students from applying to core batch program)


For any queries, please contact