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NEW UPDATE: InsightsIAS OFFLINE Programs – 2020 Admissions


UPDATE: InsightsIAS OFFLINE Programs – 2020


Details of our Offline Programs will be announced on 23 Tuesday 2019, around 10 pm (it was supposed to be announced Tonight)

This year(CSE-2018) we have produced 120+ toppers from our paid programs, including 30+ from offline programs. This has been possible, in addition to hard work of candidates, due to our rigorous timetable, right guidance and quality of our initiatives. We have got excellent results especially from Core Batch and OGP programs which are year long initiatives aimed at providing aspirants a highly disciplined plan to work on their weaknesses and constantly improve their skills. 

For CSE-2020 we are starting THREE offline programs aimed at three different set of aspirants.

  1. Core Batch – 2020
  2. Super Core Batch – 2020
  3. Offline Guidance Program-2020

We will be starting admissions tomorrow for these THREE programs. The details, including timetables, for these programs will be announced tomorrow evening (23 Tuesday 2019, around 10 pm). 

We have gathered excellent committed faculty for 2020 to impart highest quality tests, test discussions and conceptual classes for aspiring candidates of our offline programs. We have made sure that our faculty, without ulterior motives, stay committed for the  welfare of our students. In addition we have hired mentors, among whom are UPSC toppers, to guide freshers in a very simple and effective way without complicating the UPSC CSE preparation process. 

It’s our experience that a committed team which works ONLY in the interest of students will deliver excellent results. Though success is result of two way process (efforts of faculty and students combined), the right guidance by faculty on whom students are dependent is extremely important. 

A true mentor or a teacher will give right guidance selflessly. He or she will not be guiding students to show-off his/her knowledge or to create a group that worships him/her. A true teacher or mentor will guide only to correct mistakes of his/her student and make sure that the student sees a definite improvement from one interaction to another one, ultimately helping the student to get confidence in achieving his/her dream. It’s the duty of teacher to politely interact with student and build confidence through regular motivation. A true teacher never scares his/her student. 

Through our experience (in personally guiding aspirants to become toppers) we have also learnt that a serious student is one who is not easily brainwashed by vested interests. A would be topper is one who has clarity and never wavers in his faith and commitment. A non-serious and insecure student is easily baited and misguided by jealous peers or egoistic teacher. Non-serious students expect one teacher or institution to do magic and transform them into toppers. They run behind people who exhibit rote knowledge but ignore a teacher who has experience and wisdom. They will never realise that it’s their unadulterated hard work that would help them succeed. A non-serious student is also the one who jumps to conclusion based on certain reviews (paid ones by competitors) without verifying facts. These kind of students will hardly make it to the final list – because they spend most of their time in gossiping about others or worrying about others lives; or many a times they spend entire time on searching for right material or guide without making use of resources presently available to them. They also not make it because they realise very late that they have been misguided. 

Therefore, while admitting students to our programs, we will be screening students to see if they come with unwavering faith and determination to succeed. Success will be possible only through the joint and sincere efforts of both students and their mentors. 

Keeping the interests of students as the foremost priority, we have designed above three programs. If you are a long time follower of InsightsIAS you will know that we are pioneers of new and innovative initiatives. be it prelims test series, or OGP, or even Mains test series; and of course, Secure answer writing – nowadays every website and most institutions have followed the suit by introducing modified versions of our programs. 

The three programs are the best versions of our previous programs which are aimed only at getting the best result – by relying on students’ ability to work hard in a distraction free environment where right and simple guidance is given by committed selfless mentors. 

If you are determined and have faith in us, you will be making a right choice by choosing InsightsIAS. The testimonials by toppers every year speak volumes about our quality and commitment year after year. If you nurture a dream to become a civil servant, you will have to take risks and a leap of faith. We have proven through our results, and will continue to prove in coming years.

The ranks which we have claimed are genuine ones who were associated with InsightsIAS for long-term. We, unlike other institutions, don’t publish names of toppers if they had only come for enquiries or for interview guidance (for instance, Rank-1 of CSE-2018 has said somewhere that he regularly followed our current affairs and daily quizzes – but we will NEVER claim he was our student)

So, tomorrow at 9 pm you will get all the details. Let your journey towards becoming a civil servant begin with Insights and end with Insights. 

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Thank you