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TOPPER’S STRATEGY: Rank-59 – IFoS Chandrashekhar Shankarsing Pardeshi, Interview Marks – 204, InsightsIAS Prelims Student


Rank-59 – IFoS Chandrashekhar Shankarsing Pardeshi


chandrashekar rank 59

Hello Friends,

This is Chandrashekhar Shankarsing Pardeshi, AIR 59 in the Indian Forest Service Examination 2018 (IFOS).This was my second attempt for IFOS. Earlier I appeared for IFOS mains in 2015. I attempted 6 UPSC prelims and in that I wrote 4 mains. I am writing down my experience of my last 7 years of UPSC journey, which was a tough journey for me.

In the childhood, I was an average student and very sensitive child. I am from rural background and have a joint family. Both My father and mother is farmer. My father studied up to class 10 and my mother up to class 4. They did not understand much about education. But in our childhood, they were strict about our studies. One of my uncles did his PhD in agriculture. He used to guide all our siblings in education. When I look back, I realise that how parent’s role is important to decide the future of child.

Our economic condition was not good up to 2007-08. As we are farmers, there were frequent incidences of crop failure. Therefore, since my childhood, I learnt to make compromises with situations. I remembered that when I was in class 10, there was a severe draught in our area. All my family members went on food for work programme. I also went to work for road construction along with my brothers. But we were happy and satisfied in these situations.

By facing all these difficult situations also, I got distinction in class 10. After that I went to District place for higher studies. I was very poor in English and I got only 60 marks in English in class 10. It was very hard to understand science for first 6 months of my Jr College. After I worked hard and got 85 percentages in class 12.But here also I got only 56 marks in English.

After that I went to engineering in Pune district and completed my graduation. During these days of graduation my interest towards agriculture had increased .I started many experiments in farming along with my brothers under the guidance of my uncle. This interest had increased up to the extent that in dreams also I used to see our agricultural development.

During my engineering I was placed in Tata Technologies Ltd Company through campus interviews. During these days of job, I was not satisfied in company. And as a student from rural background there is natural instinct towards Civil services. I wanted to improve the situation of farmers in our country. So I found the best way to achieve this aim is a civil service. Therefore I left the job and decided to prepare for UPSC examination.

In May 2012, I left the job and started UPSC Preparation. In 2013 I gave my first prelim and I cleared it. But I was not ready for mains and I failed in it by 30 marks. But I got good marks in optional and essay. This boosted my confidence .But due to overconfidence and lack of Preparation; I failed in prelims in 2014.
Panic situation in the exam period was the main reason for failure in prelims for me. Even after failing in prelims, I continued my Preparation.

But one tragedy happened with my family. My brother passed away in an accident in December 2014. I loved him a lot. When he expired my life had changed drastically. I was in depression. The charm in my life had gone away. I cannot explain my mind’s condition here. I was planning to leave the UPSC and go to home to do farming along with my family. But the dreams which I had seen along with my brother never allowed me to left UPSC .The promise which I made to him didn’t allow me to go to home.

I worked hard again in 2015 attempt and I qualified for both civil and forest mains. But due to lack of Preparation and mental disturbance I failed in both mains by single digit number.

I was very enthusiastic in my 2016 attempt. But the tension of clearing forest prelims made me panic in examination and this impacted my performance. I failed in both prelims. This was my biggest failure in my life. This failure depressed me a lot. But dream was not allowing me to sleep. I worked hard again and gave my 5th attempt in 2017 and qualified for mains. But in mains I again failed. This time by 6 marks only. This time I got less marks in optional subject that is history.


After that failure again I gathered all strengths and started studying. I was expecting post in 2018 attempt. I gave prelims in June 2018 and got around 120 marks in it. Till civil mains, I prepared only for civil mains. I wrote civil mains confidently and after that from 15 October I started Forest Preparation. In the forest mains Preparation, I kept myself positive and decided to keep my Preparation simple. I studied only 30 days sincerely. I used all my knowledge from my childhood. I kept myself calm during the exam. I was confident about myself this time.

I cleared mains first time in these 7 years. But the important tension arises in the form of English speaking in interview. I started my interview preparation and decided my strategy. I wished that interview should go towards farming which is my hobby. Luckily, panel asked questions on farming and I gave answers confidently based on my practical knowledge in farming. Panel members got impressed with my practical knowledge and originality. At last, Chairperson asked me “How you kept your enthusiasm for so many years?” At this instance, I recalled my father and his hard work, patience and then gave answer that my father who is a ‘farmer’ and is the source of my enthusiasm.

I got 204 marks in interview, which is one of highest marks this year. Finally I got selection in IFOS and the dream which was seen by me and my brother together came true.

Today my family is stable and living happily. My economic conditions also improved due to improvement in agriculture. Throughout this journey, I was helped by many of my friends .Without my friends I could not have achieved this success. They made me stable in my adverse situations.  I am also thankful to Insights as I followed prelim test series and their online material like daily current affairs, quiz, and subject modules along with secure initiative. Even articles written by toppers on insights platform motivated me much.  My family and relatives supported me a lot. Even though I failed in 5 attempts of UPSC, they did not say anything about leaving the preparation.

At last I want to say that ‘Half of our success lies in how much we believe in ourselves and the rest of success lies with family and Friends. Life is a journey; you can’t win or lose it. Dear friends, it’s not about winning or losing, it’s all about never giving up and trying hard till the end.

Thanks for reading this article till the end.


All the best for all!!


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