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Toppers from InsightsIAS(CSE-2018): Congratulations to Insightians – 120 Toppers from Offline and Online Courses


Toppers from InsightsIAS

Congratulations to Insightians 

120 Toppers from Offline and Online Courses

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We are very proud of all the toppers who were part of various courses of InsightsIAS (offline and online) and have got ranks in UPSC civil services examination 2018.  After thorough scrutiny, the list has reached 120 Toppers – which is a huge achievement. 

The names of toppers which we have mentioned below are ONLY from either Online or Offline Prelims + Mains+Interview courses. We haven’t included names of candidates who might have regularly used our website for their preparation (like  Anu Kumari Rank-2 CSE-2017) without enrolling to any of our courses.

If you had used our website and if it was useful in getting rank, please send us testimonials – we will happily include your name in the elite list. Your testimonials will also help us continue our work and would also motivate would-be toppers. 

We are happy to inform that four students from OGP-2018 have got ranks in CSE-2018.

Ultimately, the success of these toppers is their own. It’s reward for their hard work. Their hard work alone. We are happy that we facilitated their success. 

Some who deserved couldn’t clear this time. They will certainly get ranks next year. Don’t lose hope. Without further wasting time, prepare well for upcoming exam. If you need any help, please feel free to ask us.

Sl NoNameRankCourse
1SHREYANS Kumat4Online Prelims Test Series + Website
2Srushti Deshmukh5Online Prelims + mains
3Tanmay10Online Prelims Test Series + Website
4Rahul S17Core batch 
5Rishita18Online Mains
6Gondani Vaibhav Sunil25Online Prelims
7Kajal Jawla28Online Prelims
9Amritpal Kaur44Online Prelims
10LAKSHMI N45Offline Prelims + Mains
11Deepak Tewari47Online Prelims
12Kumar Anurag48Online Mains
13Vikram Grewal51Online Prelims
14Prathik singh52Online Prelims + Mains
15Vishal63Online Prelims + Mains
16Surya Sai Praveenchand64Online Prelims + Interview
17Shivansh77Online Prelims + Mains
18Akash S78Core Batch
19Ayushi Singh86Prelims Online + CORE BATCH
20Dhananjay SIngh Yadav95Online Prelims + Mains
21Kruthika100Core Batch
22Mrigank Shekhar103Online Prelims
23Mayank Mittal105Online Prelims + Mains
24Gaurav Sikarwar107Online Mains
25Aanchal110Online Prelims + Mains
26Brijesh112Online Prelims + Mains
27Saurabh Bhuwania113Online Prelims + Mains
28Raushan Kumar114Online Prelims + Mains
29Soumya Ranjan118Online Prelims + Mains
30Upasana Mohapatra119Online Prelims + Mains
31Anupam138Online Prelims + Mains
32Namita Sharma145Online Prelims + mains
33Pooja Gupta147Online Prelims + Mains
34Shiva Narayan149Online Prelims + Mains
35Kommi Sivakishore153Core Batch
36Sagar Jain160Online Prelims + Mains
37Aditi Gupta161Online Prelims + Mains
38Dipankar Choudhary166Online Prelims
39Sagar168OGP – 2018
40Garima Garg170Online Prelims + Mains
41Kamya Misra172Online Prelims
42Vidhu Shekhar173Online Mains
43Hanul Chaudary191Online Prelims + Mains
44Shreya Gupta194Online Mains
45Nikhil197Online Prelims + Mains
46Akshay Kabra207Online Mains
47Nidhinraj P210Online Mains
48Rohan Jagadeesh224OGP-2018
49Vijay Bharat reddy228Core Batch
50SHIV NEHARIKA SINGH237Offline Prelims + Mains + Interview
51Koushik240Offline Prelims + Mains
52Aaditya Mishra247Online Prelims + Mains
53Aishwarya Singh249Online Prelims
54Vivek H B257Offline Prelims + Mains + Interview
55Inderveer259Online Prelims + Mains
56Priyank Kishore274Online Prelims + Website
57Prashant267Online Prelims + Mains
58Abhishek Augustya268Online Prelims
59Ankita Jain270Online Prelims
60Aranyak287Online Prelims + Mains
61Yashaswini B293Offline Prelims + Mains + Interview
62Joydeep Moitra295Online Prelims + Mains
63Chitraa296Online Prelims + Offline Interview
64A B Silpa298Online Prelims + Mains
65ARPIT GUPTA300Online Prelims + Mains
66Nivedita303Offline Prelims + Mains + Interview
67Himanshu Gupta304Online Prelims
68GIRISH DHARMARAJ KALAGONDA307Offline Prelims + Mains + Interview
69SIDDHARTHA JAIN309Online Prelims + Mains
70BHAVANA H S314Online Prelims + Mains
71Sunny Gupta320Online Prelims
72Sooraj Ben321Offline Prelims + Mains + Interview
73V Sai Vamsi323Online Mains
74Harvinder Singh335Online Mains
75Thejas338Offline Prelims + Mains + Interview
76Mirza Qadir Baig336Offline Prelims + Mains + Interview
77Harshavardhan352Offline Prelims + Mains + Interview
78SURABHI AGRAWAL358Online Prelims + Mains
79Rahul Kumar Dubey365Online Prelims + mains
80Shivashis368Online Prelims + mains
81Pakkeeresh Badami372Offline Prelims + Mains + Interview
82SAHIL GARG376Online Prelims + Mains
83Kumar Biswaranjan391Online Mains
84Garima394Online Prelims + Mains
85Shahzad Alam398Online Prelims + Mains
86HITESH417Online Prelims + Mains
87Nagarjun B Gowda418Offline Prelims + Mains + Interview
88Farash T421Online Mains
90Anoop Bijily435Online Mains
91Gayatri437Online Prelims
92Madhusudhan449Online Mains
93Manjunath R495Online Mains
95Karthikeyani507Online Prelims + Mains
96Sumeet510Online Prelims + Mains
97Saveesh Verma524Online Prelims + Mains
98Sanjay526Online Prelims + Mains
99 Debraj Das529Online Prelims + Mains
100K Jagan555Offline Prelims + Mains + Interview
101Hritu raj557Mains + Interview
102M V N V LAKSHMI SOUJANYA560Offline Prelims + Mains + Interview
103Sparsh Gupta562Online Prelims + Website
104Deepan566Offline Prelims + Mains + Interview
105Hari Prashant568Online Prelims + Mains
106Varsha574Online Prelims + Mains + Interview
107AJAY576Online Prelims + Mains
108Arshdeep580Online Prelims + Mains
109Amit600Online Prelims + Mains
110Hemanth N612Offline Prelims + Mains + Interview
111Saisha621Online Prelims + Mains
112Shruthi M K637Offline Prelims + Mains + Interview
113Akshay Gupta639Online Prelims + Mains
114Nithin Kumar649Online prelims + Mains
115Jayesh Kumar659Online Prelims + Mains
116Avni Bhamnia665Online Prelims
117Ashok Kumar S711Offline Prelims + Mains + Interview
118Manish ladla720Mains1
119Pranata747Online Prelims + Mains
120Santhosha753Offline Prelims + Mains + Interview