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Revision Plan for Prelims – 2019: Are you Ready?



Revision Plan for Prelims – 2019: Are you Ready?


From our end, we are ready. We will be posting questions at 8.30 pm Every Day as per the Revision Plan.

The Plan provided to you is a Template. Feel free to skip or add things to this Plan. But follow it to bring discipline – especially NOW, when it’s crucial to not to waste any day 3 months before Prelims exam. 

How many hours you should be studying?

This varies from person to person. But we believe quality time of 10-12 hours must be given every day if you want to revise meaningfully i.e. revise and remember in the end. 

You may roughly divide your time in the following manner:

2.5 hoursJune 2018 Insights Current Affairs (Topics of Day-1)
1 HourJanuary 2018 Insights Quiz (Half of it)
1.5 HoursYojana January – 2018
4 HoursInsights Mock Test – 1
3 HoursStatic books – Mains NCERT + IYB (Only the mentioned topics of Day-1)

Total: 12 Hours

Yes, above targets are not for everyone. Everyone has their own reading speed, or might not have completed at least one reading. For those who think it’s intimidating, you may have to give more hours, or remove 1-2 things from the Plan (which is NOT advisable though) and follow it as much as possible consistently. 

Our suggestion is this: Give more time to Insights Mock Test and Quiz revision. They must be your priority (to improve prelims skills). Next is Current Affairs. Now is NOT the time to read books from page to page. You should solve questions and then refer textbooks wherever your knowledge or understanding in inadequate.

But, above break-down  is minimum one must do now considering less number of days that are left for prelims 2019. Well, it’s a small sacrifice (half day of your daily life) considering the post you would be getting into later in this journey!

Hope you are on to the mission. Let’s see how you will perform in Today’s Test at 8.30 pm. 

Good Luck. 

NOTE: All Revision Tests will be indexed HERE (Bookmark this page)

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