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Welcome back to Insights Revision Plan for UPSC CS Prelims – 2019. The timetable is to designed help you revise all important sources multiple times in a very disciplined and consistent manner. Multiple revisions of key sources such as InsightsIAS test series, current affairs, NCERTs, Laxmikanth, Insights CA Quiz are very crucial to score high in UPSC civil services preliminary exam on June 2, 2019. Without multiple revisions you will not be able to gain confidence to face actual exam. This timetable, if followed religiously, will instil confidence in you. 

In a single day you will have to revise many sources. This will be possible if you have already given tests at least one time and have been regular with current affairs since last June. Even if you were irregular, you can still manage provided you work hard few hours extra every day from tomorrow till June 1. You must resolve to clear Prelims this year whatever may be the difficulty level of exam on June 2. Once you make a resolution, give everything you have to empower yourself to do very well on D-Day. 

You must be knowing by now that this exam is both knowledge and skill based. The set of 25 questions that we are going to provide at the end of every day will help you improve your elimination and intelligent guessing skills. They will also test effectiveness of your revision. Use these questions to improve skills rather than solely treating them as test of your knowledge. 

To improve skills of elimination, you must play with these questions – apply all kinds of logic in the beginning to find out correct answer. With more practice your skills will improve. If you solve these questions within few minutes just to test your knowledge, you will be missing an opportunity to hone skills necessary to tackle many unpredictable and ambiguous questions in real exam. Give lots of work to brain to find correct answer. Here you can afford to spend more time on each question to find out what logic works best for you. 

In the real exam only super-man (or spider man) will know exact answers to more than 50-60 questions. An average candidate will know exact answers to around 30-40 questions. To cross the cut-off, everyone must use skills of elimination, logical reasoning, inference and intelligent guessing to solve remaining questions. 

We strongly believe this revision timetable will definitely help you in this regard. That’s why we have included revision of Insights mock test and daily quiz so as to give you enough practice (join Insights Prelims Test Series if you haven’t joined – it really helps!). We suggest you to do more questions if possible on daily basis in addition to the recommended ones. 

One more advice – don’t neglect our quiz compilations. They help you remember key current affairs facts. 

We, at InsightsIAS sincerely hope that this initiative would help you sail through this exam smoothly this year. It’s your hard-work that will earn you success. We are just giving you a template to follow – which has helped thousands in the past to clear prelims. 

Just be consistent with the timetable. It will be impossible to achieve 100% targets, but even if you can complete 70-80%, it will still be a huge gain for you. Wish you all the best and good health in coming days. 

Download Revision Timetable HERE


  1. Minimum THREE times revision of InsightsIAS Prelims Test Series 2019 papers
  2. Three revisions of current affairs
  3. Revision of Yojana and Insights Revision Modules
  4. Revision of Insights Daily Current Affairs quiz
  5. Revision of standard texts Topic – Wise
  6. Daily 25 high quality questions that would help in skill improvement

insights ias revision plan 2019