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National Mission on Transformative Mobility and Battery Storage

Topics Covered:

  1. Government policies and interventions for development in various sectors and issues arising out of their design and implementation.
  2. Infrastructure- energy.


National Mission on Transformative Mobility and Battery Storage


What to study?

  • For Prelims: Key features, objectives and targets of the mission.
  • For Mains: Significance and the need for such missions.


Context: The Union Cabinet has approved setting up of a National Mission on Transformative Mobility and Battery Storage.


About National Mission on Transformative Mobility and Storage:

  1. The Mission will have an Inter-Ministerial Steering Committee chaired by Chief Executive Officer (CEO), NITI Aayog to promote clean, connected, shared, sustainable and holistic mobility initiatives.
  2. The Mission will also launch the Phased Manufacturing Programmes (PMP) for Batteries and for Electric Vehicle components.
  3. The mission will finalise and implement strategies for transformative mobility and Phased Manufacturing Programmes (PMP) for electric vehicles, their components and batteries.
  4. The Mission will have a ‘Make in India’ strategy for EV components as well as battery technologies.



  • The mission will drive mobility solutions that will bring in significant benefits to the industry, economy and country. These solutions will help improve air quality in cities along with reducing India’s oil import dependence and enhance the uptake of renewable energy and storage solutions.
  • The mission will also lay down the strategy and roadmap which will enable India to leverage upon its size and scale to develop a competitive domestic manufacturing ecosystem for electric mobility.
  • The actions in this regard will benefit all citizens as the aim is to promote ‘Ease of Living’ and enhance the quality of life of our citizens and also provide employment opportunities through ‘Make-in-India’ across a range of skill sets.


Mains Question: Moving forward on the path to electrifying mobility in India is a complex issue and requires many precautions to be taken. Critically Analyze.