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Skill Saathi Youth Conclave

Topics Covered:

  1. Issues relating to development and management of Social Sector/Services relating to Health, Education, Human Resources.


Skill Saathi Youth Conclave


What to study?

  • For Prelims: Skill Saathi Youth initiative- Key features, implementation and significance.
  • For Mains: Need for skilling, challenges and various initiatives in this regard.


Context: Nua Odisha, Dharmapada Samvaad-Skill Saathi Youth Conclave was recently held in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

  • The Skill Saathi initiative has so far mobilised and counselled over 1 lakh candidate in Odisha and over 10 lakh youth across the country in the past three months.


About Skill Saathi Scheme:

The Skills Career Counselling Scheme aims to counsel 1 crore candidates from the age group of 15– 35 years focusing on School & College drop-outs, young adults from the community, college students, polytechnic students, ITI students, Diploma students, Graduates, Post-Graduates, NEET category (Not in Employment education or Training), etc. pan India from August 2018.

  • Counselling will be conducted on a standardized module/content as defined by NSDC/MSDE.

Objectives of the Skill Saathi Scheme:

  • Create Awareness about the Skill India Mission and inform the youth of India about vocational education and its opportunities.
  • Sensitize prospective candidates about available Market Opportunities under the Skill India Mission.
  • Facilitate Psychometric Testing and Face-To-Face Counselling Interventions to create an individual-level impact to guide aspirants to make the right choice of training and subsequent employment/entrepreneurship.
  • Facilitate Understanding of the concepts of New India, the prospects of India becoming the Skill Capital of the World and how the new generation of youth can become drivers of change.