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Company under Department of Space

Topics Covered:

  1. Statutory, regulatory and various quasi-judicial bodies.
  2. Achievements of Indians in science & technology; indigenization of technology and developing new technology.


Company under Department of Space


What to study?

  • For Prelims: Functions of the committee.
  • For Mains: Need for and significance of the committee.


Context: The Union Cabinet has given its approval to the Setting up of a new company under Department of Space (DoS), to commercially exploit the research and development work carried out by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Centers and constituent units of DOS.


The following areas/avenues provide opportunities for commercial exploitation of ISRO programmes:

  1. Small satellite technology transfer to industry, wherein the new company shall take license from DoS/ISRO and sub-license to industries;
  2. Manufacture of small satellite launch vehicle (SLV) in collaboration with the Private Sector;
  3. Productionisation of Polar SLV through industry;
  4. Productionisation and marketing of Space-based products and services, including launch and applications;
  5. Transfer of Technology developed by ISRO Centers and constituent units of DoS;
  6. Marketing of some spin-off technologies and products, both in India and abroad; and
  7. Any other subject which Government of India deems fit.



The cabinet decision will definitely encourage the private sector to indulge more in production of launchers and satellites. In recent years, ISRO has been engaging the private sector in the manufacturing of satellite launchers so that it can focus more on R&D work.