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6) India has huge opportunity to become an AI specialist but there are several challenges involved therein . Critically analyze.(250 words)

Topic– Science and Technology- developments and their applications and effects in everyday life.

6) India has huge opportunity to become an AI specialist but there are several challenges involved therein . Critically analyze.(250 words)



Why this question

India has been touted as one of the leading AI ready nations in the world. However the progress has not been upto the mark especially in comparison to countries like China. In this context it is important to analyze the extent to which India is an AI specialist.

Directive word

Critically analyze-  here we have to examine methodically the structure or nature of the topic by separating it into component parts, and present them as a whole in a summary. based on our discussion we have to form a concluding opinion on the issue.

Structure of the answer

Introduction– mention a recent international survey which highlights India’s performance vis a vis AI technology. E.g In a recent survey announced that India is the 13th most advanced country the world in terms of the development of artificial intelligence technologies.


  1. Discuss the progress and achievements of India in this regard. E.g
  • In the last few years, numerous entrepreneurs have come up with AI-based services in applications ranging from farming to healthcare and education.
  • We have also seen the government undertaking initiatives to adapt AI in its policies as well. It has partnered with several AI institutes to implement AI projects.
  • It is these AI projects that have helped the country do so well in the field. Also, partnering with various reputed international AI institutes has helped the country develop an effective AI strategy.
  • NITI Aayog’s unique brand called #AIforAll is an approach that focuses on how India can leverage the transformative technologies to ensure social and inclusive growth in line with the development philosophy of the government.
  • With this initiative, it has extended its support in the areas of healthcare, agriculture, education, smart cities and infrastructure and smart mobility and transportation sectors.
  • Andhra Pradesh government has been using cloud management and data storage in governance to resolve issues of the people in the state.
  • Big Indian companies such as Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio are setting up AI labs. Indian IT services giants such as Infosys and Wipro are making huge investments in AI etc.
  1. Discuss the limitations and challenges lying ahead. E.g

a) Lack of enabling data ecosystems

b) Low intensity of AI research

c) Core research in fundamental technologies

d) Transforming core research into market applications

e) Inadequate availability of AI expertise, manpower and skilling opportunities

f) High resource cost and low awareness for adopting AI in business processes

g) Unclear privacy, security and ethical regulations

h) Unattractive Intellectual Property regime to incentivise research and adoption of AI

Conclusion- based on your discussion, form a fair and a balanced conclusion on the given issue.