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2) The recent political results in Bangladesh will provide a fillip to India Bangladesh bilateral relations. Comment(250 words)

Topic – India and its bilateral relations

2) The recent political results in Bangladesh will provide a fillip to India Bangladesh bilateral relations. Comment(250 words)


Why this question

The recent elections in Bangladesh will have a bearing on the relationship between India and Bangladesh as has been seen earlier. It is important to understand how the recent elections impact India Bangladesh relations.

Key demand of the question

The question expects us to bring out how the election result in Bangladesh would impact the bilateral relations between the two countries and discuss the way forward.

Directive word

Comment – When you are asked to comment, you have to pick main points and give your ‘opinion’ on them based on evidences or arguments stemming from your wide reading. Your opinion may be for or against, but you must back your argument with evidences.

Structure of the answer

Introduction – Talk about the results in Bangladesh national elections. Mention that in case of Bangladesh we have seen that the relationship with India has historically been dependent on who is in power there.


  • Discuss the impact of election result in bilateral relations between the two countries. You should discuss the impact by classifying them into strategic , economic and geopolitical impacts.
    • steadfast partner in the fight against counter-terrorism, connectivity initiatives, and sub-regional cooperation, Hasina is poised to play a major role in Delhi’s initiatives in Bay of Bengal and Northeast amid China’s massive inroads in South Asia. Stability in Bangladesh like Bhutan is imperative for India amid political uncertainties in certain other parts of neighbourhood that includes Sri Lanka and Afghanistan, according to experts’ familiar with Delhi’s South Asia strategy.
    • staunch ally in Dhaka further assists Delhi against Pak Army & ISI’s designs to foment cross-border extremism in the region
    • Bangladesh that is all poised to emerge as a middle-income country opens up a huge market for Indian investors etc
  • Discuss about the fact that erstwhile Khaleda Zia regime in Bangladesh had strong reservations against granting connectivity and transit to the neighbours on the pretext that it would infringe on the sovereignty of Bangladesh. It was the Sheikh Hasina-led government that realized that granting connectivity and transit was a win-win situation for Bangladesh.

Conclusion – Give your view on the future prospect of India Bangladesh relations in light of these factors.