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8) What is a citizen’s charter and what are its components. Discuss.(250 words)

Topic– Citizen’s Charter

8) What is a citizen’s charter and what are its components. Discuss.(250 words)


Directive word

Discuss- this is an all-encompassing directive which mandates us to write in detail about the key demand of the question. we also have to discuss about the related and important aspects of the question in order to bring out a complete picture of the issue in hand.

Key demand of the question.

The question wants us to write in detail about the meaning and scope of citizen’s charter and then also discuss about its essential components.

Structure of the answer

Introduction– write a few introductory lines about the citizen’s charter. E.g  Citizen’s Charter is a document which represents a systematic effort to focus on the commitment of the Organisation towards its Citizens in respects of Standard of Services, Information, Choice and Consultation, Non-discrimination and Accessibility, Grievance Redress, Courtesy and Value for Money.


  1. Discuss about the concept of citizen’s charter in detail. E.g The term ‘Citizen’ in the Citizen’s Charter implies the clients or customers whose interests and values are addressed by the Citizen’s Charter and, therefore, includes not only the citizens but also all the stakeholders, i.e., citizens, customers, clients, users, beneficiaries, other Ministries/ Departments/ Organisations, State Governments, UT Administrations etc.; The Citizen’s Charter is not legally enforceable and, therefore, is non-justiciable.  However, it is a tool for facilitating the delivery of services to citizens with specified standards, quality and time frame etc. with commitments from the Organisation and its clients.
  2. Discuss its various components. E.g

(i) Vision and Mission Statement of the Organisation

(ii) Details of Business transacted by the Organisation

(iii)  Details of ‘Citizens’ or ‘Clients’

(iv)  Statement of services including standards, quality, time frame etc. provided to each Citizen/ Client group separately and how/ where to get the services

(v)  Details of Grievance Redress Mechanism and how to access it etc.

Conclusion- based on your discussion, form a fair and a balanced conclusion on the given issue.