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Dear Aspirant,

Prelims notification will be out on 19th Feb 2019 and the exam will be held on 2nd June 2019. Mains will quickly follow. It is scheduled during Sep-Oct 2019. Given the constraints under which you are nurturing your dreams, here’s how we intend to make you ready for Sociology Mains 2019.

All those unaware about sociology or in a dilemma about your optional, please read our first post (click here) before you proceed further.

To begin with, jaago grahak jaago!

Myth 1: Sociology, Anthropology, or any subject – is very easy to complete. It is very ‘safe’, scoring or ‘static’ (Suggestion: History is fully static)

Lesson 1: All subjects take time. They are typically taught in universities for a period of 4 years. Not without a reason. Just because a topper comes from a particular optional or because the coaching eco-system in a particular city gives more publicity for one subject than the other, it does not mean:

  1. All people with that optional cleared the exam that year
  2. All people with that optional will have a greater chance to clear the exam in the subsequent years

Myth 2: Come to my class or join my institute and we will take you to LBSNAA / Mussoorie.

Lesson 2: Frankly, students deliver. A good class or an institute is only a catalyst. Ultimately the student has to perform. And only some do. It is only these students who stand a very good chance in clearing this exam.

Myth 3: Anybody can clear this exam

Lesson 3: This exam is NOT for everybody. However, coaching institutions sell this Great Indian Dream to all those with purchasing power. When a student fails this exam, s/he externalises the blame. They think it is all because of bad coaching. Having blamed the institute or the teacher for their failure, the student hops from one institute to another in the hope of clearing the exam. For men, this cycle lasts couple of seasons. For women, it is half of what men get, normally. Sociological reasons.

However, to clear this exam, I personally believe one would need two things:

A) Basic academic intelligence.

   You can get this from good schooling (some sort of an extensive coaching) or reading basic books in the run up to the exam.

B) Perseverance.

And these are aspects which can be cultivated. In that sense, ANYBODY can actually clear this exam. What about coaching then? As mentioned in the previous write up, good coaching acts as a catalyst.

On that note, let me share details about our Sociology Offline Program.

Duration / Macro schedule?

We will begin Dec 2018 and end by Feb 2019. So that will leave you with 3 months for exclusive prelims preparation.

Within that we have made a plan for 3 spells. We may have 4 spells too. The approach will be contingent. Few days this side, that side.

But End-of-Feb-2019 deadline is what we are serious about so that you can dive into prelims preparation. If you are looking for Sociology optional preparation with answer writing and want to end it by February and then focus on Prelims, this program suits you best. 


Classes will begin from 10th of December and end by Last week of February 2019

Micro schedule?

While we would love to give you a micro schedule of what syllabus will be taught on which day, I believe that would greatly reduce the flexibility of the program

For instance, while covering the chapter Family-Marriage-Kinship in Paper I, it makes sense to club it with Systems of Kinship in Paper II. Or when discussing Gender from Paper I, we may also finish topics that are scattered across the syllabus such as Patriarchy, Sexual Division of Labour and Violence against Women

Foreseeing all connections in advance alongside a rigid schedule strips the course of its charm and flexibility. So we stick to our broad targets.

What we guarantee

1) Sociology will be made simple and applicative.

2) Classroom learning will be in discussion format.

   This makes learning relatable as you internalise the subject.

3) Once a chapter is taught, previous years questions from that chapter will be comprehensively discussed.

   This will help you in writing answers that are more organic and scoring.

4) Reading sources for every chapter will be given.

   No classroom teaching, no toppers notes equals self-study.

5) Focus on answer writing will begin from Day 1.

6) A Rapid Revision Guide (material) that will help you revise the optional quickly before the exam

Fee and Registration Details

Rs 35,000/- including taxes

NOTE: Registration for the course to be done by advance payment of Rs 5000/-

All registrations made on or before 3rd Dec 2018 will get to write comprehensive tests (timed between the teaching spells) along with thorough evaluation.

After registration, you must make full payment of fees by 8th December. 


Seats are limited to 60. Admissions will be closed once the numbers reach 60. Please register and book seats as soon as possible. 

How to subscribe?

Please visit our OGP centre HERE and pay either through Google Pay/UPI/Cash.  Last date to enrol for the program is 7th December 2018

For any queries:

Please mail us at