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Insights New Secure Revision Test – 1 (28 October 2018)


Following is the revision test under Insights New Secure initiative. We will be posting these questions every Sunday night around 10 pm. (if you want we will increase number of questions under this initiative).

NOTE: We are finalising the detailed timetable for New Secure with subtopics. We will post the same by Tuesday afternoon (sorry for the delay). 


Insights New Secure Revision Test – 1 (28 October 2018)

Duration: 40 Minutes

  1. Examine how does ethnic diversity affect Indian economy. (150 Words, 10M)
  2. Discuss India’s cultural and civilisational impact on Southeast Asia. (150 Words, 10M)
  3. How payments banks are different from regular banks? Why does India need them? (150 Words, 10M)
  4. What do you understand by sanskritization? Examine its influence on caste and corruption in India. (250 Words, 15M)
  5. Explain the nuances of India’s de-hyphenated policy. Also examine its impact on India – US relations. (250 Words, 15M)