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New Insights Secure – 2019 – One Stop Solution for UPSC Civil Services Mains – 2019


New Insights Secure – 2019 

One Stop Solution for UPSC Civil Services Mains – 2019


Your preparation for Mains-2019 will be comprehensive only if you cover all parts of UPSC civil services Mains examination syllabusboth static and dynamic.  Insights secure as of now is more biased towards dynamic part of all four GS papers. But then, even UPSC Mains GS papers are biased towards dynamic part (current issues) of syllabus. However, one can clearly see a trend where UPSC is trying to test candidate’s grip on static part as well, especially his/her ability to link basics of static part with current issues. 

Therefore, we are coming up with the new format of secure where, starting from tomorrow (October 23, 2018), we will give you a detailed break-up of all General Studies papers topics and include them in 300+ days timetable (for example, check this break-up on Art and Culture). So that, we will go on giving at least 2-3 static questions on daily basis based on this timetable. 

We have divided all four general studies papers into hundreds of small sub-topics based on previous year questions and standard textbooks. These topics will help you prepare for Mains in micro-detail without missing any significant dimension of any Mains topic.

As usual, in Secure – 2019 we will be asking questions on most important issues that are important for Mains – 2019. We will ask these questions by linking them with their static component(not all questions though). 

There will be around 8 questions on an average with minimum of 2-3 pure static questions. Instead of asking these questions erratically, henceforth we will be following a timetable that runs till Mains 2019 (September 20, 2019). 

One big advantage of this new format is that by the time you reach Mains – 2019 stage, you will have covered every dimension of all four Mains GS papers. As you know, we can prescribe many topics yet ask only limited questions every day. Which means, static topics we prescribe on day to day basis are meant for you to make notes on them and the write answers on questions we give next day based entirely on memory. 

Another major advantage, especially those who are interested to join our Yearlong Mains Test Series – 2019, is that we have prepared timetable in such a way that both test series timetable and New Secure timetable are synchronised (till the end of June – 2019). 

In addition, we have designed this New Secure-2019 timetable in such a way that as you approach Prelims – 2019, the topics you read under this timetable have more relevance for Prelims – 2019 as well. You must know that doing Secure regularly helps in Prelims as well (in addition to helping in Essay paper). 

One new addition that we have made is inclusion of Mini Secure Revision Tests on each Sundays. This to help those who want to revise and test their Secure knowledge thoroughly. Questions will not be repeated from Secure. These will be entirely new questions based on current and static issues covered in that week. 

A basic concern most aspirants have is that they feel that their mains preparation is haphazard and they are missing out many topics. We hope, henceforth you will not miss any topic provided you choose to follow Insights New Secure – 2019 initiative diligently and consistently. 


And, yes – we will try our best to post synopsis with two days!

Here is the glimpse of New Secure – 2019 Timetable: Click Here (Under sub-topics column we will update links and post detailed timetable by tomorrow evening)

Glimpse of Syllabus break-up: (we will be posting PDF documents of syllabus break-up for every topic in all GS papers in 2-3 days)

insights ias new secure-2019

Thanks to your support and feedback, and to UPSC’s dynamism, we are evolving day by day – with the sole interest of Simplifying UPSC Exam Preparation so that YOU tread a clear and no non-sense path towards your goal. 

For today, secure will be posted as it used to be. For tomorrow’s New Secure – 2019, start preparing Art and Culture part 🙂

Brace up for exciting times ahead from tomorrow!

Meanwhile, once again do go through following important post on How to Follow Secure Initiative: