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7) What do you understand about #Metoo and #timesup movement? Evaluate whether these movements take us closer towards gender equality?(250 words)

Topic– Ethics and Human Interface: Essence, determinants and consequences of Ethics in human actions

7) What do you understand about #Metoo and #timesup movement? Evaluate whether these movements take us closer towards gender equality?(250 words)

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Why this question

Difficult questions related to gender discrimination and the unequal treatment of sexes have been raised in the current climate. Understanding what these movements represent and how is it going to impact the relationship between sexes going forward is important.

Key demand of the question

The question expects us to explain what these movements stand for and our opinion as to whether these movements would bring out a nuanced understanding in society of the perverse ways in which one half of gender exerts power over the other half, and the changes that will be brought about as a result of these movements.

Directive word

Evaluate – When you are asked to evaluate, you have to pass a sound judgement about the truth of the given statement in the question or the topic based on evidences.  You have to appraise the worth of the statement in question. There is scope for forming a personal opinion here.

Structure of the answer

Introduction – Highlight the current climate, whether gender issues are being highlighted and difficult conversations are being held.


  • Explain what metoo and timesup movements are. Check this out- the most topical issue.The Me Too movement is against sexual harassment and sexual assault. The MeToo movement had already been around for years before it started gaining global attention. It is entered around a framework that’s central to survivors, and to make sure the marginalized among survivors have access to resources that will help them fight the battle..MeToo spread virally in 2017 as a hashtag used on social media in an attempt to demonstrate the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment, especially in the workplace. It followed soon after the sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein.It encouraged victims of sexual harassment to tweet about it and “give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem”. MeToo movement has become a worldwide phenomenon.
  • Time’s Up is a movement against sexual harassment and violence began in 2018, by Hollywood celebrities in response to the MeToo. It has raised $20 million for its legal defense fund, and gathered over 200 volunteer lawyers.Time’sUp shares a similar vision for women’s empowerment with MeToo, but it has some different, specific goals. Time’s Up can be thought of as a solution-based, action-oriented next step in the Metoo movement. The organization’s aim is to create concrete change, leading to safety and equity in the workplace. Time’s Up was founded on the premise that everyone, every human being, deserves a right to earn a living, to take care of themselves, to take care of their families, free of the impediments of harassment and sexual assault and discrimination.
  • Discuss the impact that these movements are having and will have – Both have led to a culture shift that has been palpable — for the first time ever, the world has been put on notice that these once-fledgling women’s movements were not to be ignored. And people started to listen.
  • Examine the impact that these movements would have in improving the status of women.

Conclusion – Give your view on these movements and discuss the overall impact of these movements.